Sunday, April 11, 2010

Four for Now


It was one of those perfect days. We had family over to celebrate M's 4th birthday. The first cook-out of the season. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, veggies, fruits...all of the perfect food that we love this time of year.

If the day had a theme, it would be LEGO'S. He's four now and LOVES LEGO'S! He's also got a set of golf clubs (he's actually hitting balls at me as I type) that he's very excited about and some moon sand that he's itching to open.

The kids played outside and no one had to yell to shut the door because of hot or cold, in fact, no one really even noticed one way or the other. There were as many kids at the party as grown ups...we may have even been out-numbered by one or two.

I can't remember more perfect weather, the sun was shining and the wind being mercifully still for once.

Right now, he's begging me to come and help him make ONE MORE Lego house. Just one more. Yeah right.

Last night I tried to convince him that maybe he could turn two today. And one next year. And we'd keep going up to four and back again forever. Because four is so big. And the beginning of everything.

I'm just so grateful that we've had these four beautiful years with this wonderful boy. My M.
Can't wait for whatever's next!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break

I listen to them playing, this being their first day of spring break. The first three, for me, were a day of staff development, a day of spring cleaning, and a day of running errands with J.

B is getting so big, so smart. On Monday, she didn't question the fact that she'd had to go to church (our daycare) because I'd been in eight hours of training that day. Tuesday and Wednesday though, she asked me, "Why'd we have to go to school?!" She knew I'd taken some time to get things done without their HELP.

Things have changed so much since they were babies. I'd take every minute of a break to be at home with them, to make sure I didn't miss a single laugh, a single meal, a single milestone. It's different now. They have fun with their friends. They take day trips with their class. They enjoy their time away from home.

Don't get me wrong, we are all still very happy to be home together today, but I can see how we are also becoming separate entities. They have their own interests, their own friends.

It's hard not to fast forward ten years and imagine the time then. When they get up at noon and are out the door to their own activities during breaks.

For now, I'll just enjoy listening to the sound of them playing. To the sound of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the t.v. To the sight of them making a city of Lego's and littlest pet shop animals.

I know it can't last forever, probably not much past this year. I'm just so glad to be here now.
So glad.