Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School

Our B started second grade at her new school on Monday. What a big day!

When I picked her up, she said it was a great day. She definitely liked her teacher, school, and made a few new friends. I could tell she was really tired, but how fun it was to pick her up right after school and get the full recap.

The Buddy and I stayed home on Monday and made up for the weeks I'd spent packing and now unpacking. We did crafts, play dough, painting, outdoor play, a shopping trip and even went to get ice cream after picking up B. It was a full day and he passed out at 7:30. The true sign of a day well spent!

I may have given him the wrong impression...I hope he doesn't think we're doing this much every day!!

Buddy added the shades to my sun, a definite improvement!

We got these awesome play dough stampers at Target, I had fun playing with them!

I can say with certainty that our year is off to a great start. With all of the changes we've gone through lately, I think we're in pretty good shape.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The First Days

J and I moved into our new home on Saturday, July 31st. We felt really fortunate to have professional movers (a first for us!) and it made such a huge difference in how moving day goes. We worked really hard that night to get ready for the kids' arrival on Sunday.

They reacted just how you would hope, lots of jumping around and shouting. The happy kind.

Happy times, finding all of their toys and quickly beginning the mess making!

They've settled in nicely, more smoothly than I.

Don't get me wrong, I really like it here. I'm just...homesick. Which is strange.

The new routines are settling in and I'm slowly getting organized. Box by box. Our new home is lovely. We will be very happy here, of this I am sure. And together.

There's one thing that I'm sure of in this whole business of moving and trying (TRYING) to sell our home in Omaha, and making the decision to live in our new town together, even if we've had to do things unconventionally, it's that we need to be together as a family. Period.