Sunday, December 31, 2006

Make it to midnight?

So it's almost midnight...well, midnight is 47 minutes away anyway. My husband I were just enjoying (I use that word loosely) banter about making it to the gym this year. He offered a pinkie swear, an unbreakable agreement in our 7 year relationship, to each promise to work out (and for me, that means actually going to the gym I belong to) at least 3 times per week.

We are both overweight and used to not be that way. We were both athletes, both semi-hot, when we met. Now we've morphed into the chubby parents in the preschool set. Ugh. I so don't want to be the chubby parents. Jay and I agree that we are not embarrassingly fat...YET...but we could be headed that way. We're off to weddings in Estes Park, CO, and Cheyenne WY, this summer - and would like to be 1/2 way back to semi-hot. What's less than semi- but more than not at all??? the gym I go - laughing all the way...ho, ho, ho.

I'm just proud that I'll be awake for the actual new year, for the 1st time in a few years. Seems I've been pregnant for two of the last five, and lazy for the rest. We never go out - and we're always home. Just seems we always doze off. This year I perked back up because our 8-month old woke up for a bottle - got my second wind. Before that we've been watching the Seinfeld marathon and downing some local microbrew. I know it's probably not cool to watch Michael Richards' show - but he's not the 1st crazy actor we've loved. And Kramer didn't do anything to tick us off. So I guess I'm going to go see which episode they're airing when midnight comes to Omaha. We sure know how to party at my house!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

A New Year...Again

So it's resolution time...

This year - I resolve to keep my resolutions. And it would seem there are many.

This year, I want...
  1. To play with my kids more.
  2. To watch less TV (see #1).
  3. To eat less junk.
  4. To eat more veggies, fruits, non-junk food.
  5. To be a better wife, teacher, neighbor, aunt, daughter, church name it.
  6. To exercise.
  7. To take my vitamins.
  8. To spend less money.
  9. To pay attention to the news so I can make an educated vote in '08.
  10. To smile more.

It doesn't seem all that unrealistic, yet it does. I get tired, grouchy, sick, hungry, human...and I do none of the above things. I plop to watch TV, I eat some tortilla chips, I ignore my husband and/or my kids, I don't go to the gym, I don't take care of myself...if I could do less of that - I would so be on the right track.

AND SO - If anyone has the magic answer - the solution to the timeless issue of there not being enough of me to go around...please post it here. I am dying to know. Until then, I guess I'll just keep writing resolutions...and trying to keep even just one of them.

I'll let ya know how it goes. ~Melanie


Okay - I've honestly kept a journal since 3rd grade when I got one through a Weekly Reader book order. I wrote "Do Not Enter!" and "Keep Out!" all over the outside and then wrote entries like "I'm in 3rd grade. I like to smile." inside. Rivoting. As I got older, the entries got steamier. Of course, I mostly wrote when I was angry or sad, so it was mostly dark. And about boys...

This journal (I struggle to call it a blog!) is sure to be about boys too, since I'm married and have a son. But I also have a daughter, a career, a home, a church, an education - hmmm....maybe I should just stick with "I'm 29 years old". I like to smile." I'll try harder next time. ~Melanie