Friday, December 29, 2006

A New Year...Again

So it's resolution time...

This year - I resolve to keep my resolutions. And it would seem there are many.

This year, I want...
  1. To play with my kids more.
  2. To watch less TV (see #1).
  3. To eat less junk.
  4. To eat more veggies, fruits, non-junk food.
  5. To be a better wife, teacher, neighbor, aunt, daughter, church name it.
  6. To exercise.
  7. To take my vitamins.
  8. To spend less money.
  9. To pay attention to the news so I can make an educated vote in '08.
  10. To smile more.

It doesn't seem all that unrealistic, yet it does. I get tired, grouchy, sick, hungry, human...and I do none of the above things. I plop to watch TV, I eat some tortilla chips, I ignore my husband and/or my kids, I don't go to the gym, I don't take care of myself...if I could do less of that - I would so be on the right track.

AND SO - If anyone has the magic answer - the solution to the timeless issue of there not being enough of me to go around...please post it here. I am dying to know. Until then, I guess I'll just keep writing resolutions...and trying to keep even just one of them.

I'll let ya know how it goes. ~Melanie


nikki said...

Funny..... I resolve to do all of the above also. Alas, I am afraid that I am only human also and I fear that none of them will follow thru. My BIGGEST resolution....... TO GET BACK INTO THE CHURCH. It isn't that my Faith has failed in any way..... just that my bed is so nice and cozy on Sunday mornings.....

Omaha Mama said...

Yes - Nikki - thanks for your note. I agree...going to church every Sunday is definitely on my list. Cozy beds are hard to beat, but it always feels better when we make it out for church!