Monday, March 9, 2009

A winner!

The thing I hate about having a contest is that I wish everyone could win, especially when the people who've submitted entries through comments here or through email are friends and family. So if you are not the winner, might I suggest hauling yourself out to Council Bluffs on Friday, getting some tickets, and joining us for what is sure to be a fun night!

The little man is already reminding me that we get cotton candy when we see ice skaters. We're making it a family night out and it should be fun. I really do love the music from High School Musical. Really.

Without further adieu...

The winner is...

Drum roll...


Joey, if you stop at the will call window at Mid-American Center on Friday night there will be four complimentary tickets waiting for you. Maybe we can exchange cell #'s too, in case we have any trouble. See you Friday!


So I'm on this blogging break, but needed to do the contest. So I'll throw in a few other random thoughts at the end here. Why is it that I am inspired to write blog posts more frequently when I take a break? Probably because I'm not spending all my time at the computer, thereby living a life worth blogging?

I menu-planned (another non-verb verb for you there SB, kinda like scrapbooking) the whole month of March and have honestly stuck to it (until tonight) and have made some great meals. I am trying a new crock pot meal each week, last week was BBQ pulled pork. This week I'm also trying a new recipe, which I'll share if it's as good as it sounds. Fish tacos with homemade tortillas (which intimidates me) it calls for this homemade cilantro lime sauce that looks soooooo good. We've also had good old fashioned pot roast with onions and carrots and a side dish of twice baked potatoes. That was a hit.

I finally got my house semi-clean this weekend, so that was a bonus. It was long overdue.

I noticed I haven't posted much about my kids lately. Which made me think...
I have trouble finding balance between tracking their growth and progress through this great medium and just all-out bragging. I feel so lucky and blessed that these two kids are healthy, happy, typically developing kids. I also don't want to whine when I could go on and on about how our five-year old is way-emotional or our two-year old is refusing to go to bed at night unless I lay with him in his bed. So I just don't write. But I don't want that either. So in April, expect a few updates on B and the little man. Especially since my baby boy turns three!

Until then, I guess that's that. It's the most disciplined I've been about not reading blogs since I started in December '06. I guess since it's for Lent, and between Jesus and me and everything. I just feel a little more pressure to stick with it. So I am.

But I miss you! My ten blogging friends. I'll be back and will be so happy to do so.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Contest!

Announcing a fantastic contest, just for my Omaha-area friends. :-)

Playing Mid-America Center March 13th-15th. Get ready to rock the ice at Disney's High School Musical: The Ice Tour! The one and only live celebration of High School Musical and High School Musical 2 featuring the songs and dance from both smash hit movies and a cast of world-class skaters. The ultimate High School Musical Mega-Mix is here - High School Musical: The Ice Tour!
Playing the Mid-America Center March 13-15th.
For the fastest and easiest way to buy tickets, log onto or or visit the Mid-America Center Box Office or call 402-422-1212.

For one lucky reader ~ 4 free tickets to this show. Enter here by commenting. If you are unable to make a comment, email me and I'll enter you that way. Drawing is happening one week from today. Winning tickets are for opening night, March 13th! We went last fall and I sat right in front of the winners. It was a totally fun night and I'm so excited to do it all again.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Quiet March

In church this morning we were challenged to fast from something during Lent, while also committing to doing something new or extra. I'm going to limit, or restrict, my blogging during Lent. Meaning the reading of and commenting on, and also the posting. This is a challenge for me because it's something I spend quite a bit of time on and is one of my favorite things to do!

The idea, for me, is one that I commit to a few times a year. To unplug and try to check in with my physical life. The house that's cluttered around me and desperately needs cleaned. The grandparents who are due a letter and pictures. The friends I should call. The kids I should look at, I mean really look at, and listen to. Blogging is a bit of an escape, so I guess when I try to cut back it's for the purpose of digging in. It's necessary and good.

So I'm going to devote a little time each day to prayer and reading, which is my commitment for Lent. And fast from blogging.

I do have one fun thing to do this month though, that will be my one and only blog activity for March.

A give-away! Please come back tomorrow and see what it is. Once again, it will be limited to people who can be in the metro area to participate. Hint, hint. So I'll be posting details tomorrow - it's a very exciting prize!

Other than that, I plan to be quiet this March. To reflect. To connect. A change of pace is always a good time for me to look around and get things done. In fact, I did the same thing last March. So it must be an annual thing with me.

Since I am going to go offline, will you please email me if there's something I should see or know? (Cousins, this especially means you!) I hate the thought that I'm missing some big announcement, which usually leads to me lurking and completely defeating the challenge of not blogging!