Sunday, March 27, 2011


My B, my beautiful 7-year old daughter, wrote a letter to Santa last week. Yes, it is March. She made sure to immediately clarify to me that it is NOT a request for gifts.

           Dear Santa,
I am B. I am 7 year old and I have a prablum! This is not my Christmas list, My problum is My teacher beleaves in magic but I know kids that do not, I am very comefused!? P.S. I am trying to find the magic (I sill beleave) but I can't find it!? Will you write me back? Love B!
Oh, my heart. Does Santa write her back? Does Santa tell her about magic?

How do I help her to see that SHE IS MAGIC. I hope that someday she'll understand that. The distress all began because she's got friends who do not believe in fairies or Santa or elves. It's obviously caused her a lot of confusion. I remain vague and tell her that someday it will all make perfect sense and that I will explain it all to her in great detail.

And man I hope by then I have the perfect answer for her! Until then, she may need to just receive a form letter from the business office at the North Pole. It seems the sensible option. A child like B needs to be rewarded for her hard work in pursuit of magic and for bringing so much of her own into my life.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Niche

I'm not particularly funny.
I don't have a special talent.
I've been in the middle of the pack for most things I have tried or joined in my life.

My interests vary and are not specific to one thing. I love scrapbooking, I enjoy gardening, photography, and decorating. I like crafts. I am a pretty good parent. I enjoy the field of education with regards to my career, but have completely embraced full-time parenting/house-wifeness and could picture doing it long term. I like to think of ways to make holidays special. And I like to entertain.

That would be the range of topics that I read about daily, a wide variety that appeals to my deficient attention span.

I've been reading a ton lately on design and home updates because it's what my focus has been lately. We have been trying to get our house here organized and are trying to achieve that *permanent residence* feeling that it had been lacking.

When I read about others' accomplishments, I'm amazed at their energy and talents for the things they are trying to achieve.

I think I'm somewhat lacking in the energy and talent area of my life. I wonder sometimes if the reading that I do helps to motivate me or helps me to feel lacking.

I really enjoy a good sit with a cup of tea and a good book. Even my taste in books is pretty mild. I enjoy a fiction novel written about friends/family, but do not enjoy suspense, mystery, drama, or anything that's too sad. I like chick-lit. Light, funny, and happily ended. Throw in some non-fiction that references the interests mentioned above and you've pretty much got the range of my reading list.

I wonder sometimes if this makes me shallow? We drove to a fun outing with some new friends a few weeks ago and I almost felt rebellious as I voiced my dislike for anything scary, suspenseful or violent (she was a fast-driving, zombie movie loving, active woman). I could feel her rolling her eyes from the front seat.

I am vanilla, which also happens to be my favorite scent and flavor.

I have decided to be okay with that. I just don't know where that leaves me with this site. This site where I've enjoyed sharing, writing, and rambling. Vanilla is fine. But where does that leave one's blog? Maybe I should rename it Vanilla Mom.

Best to think a bit more on this. I'm just not sure at this point.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lots of Tiny Messes Making for a Messy House

I love it that my kids are imaginative, creative, and honestly...pretty wacky. It's great that they are constantly creating new "games". They play puppies, homeless kids (set in different places, an alley, the dump, and other depressing type imagined from their centrally heated suburban home), they are super heroes, or shop owners. Today they are using some cardboard from recent online purchases to turn one of their bedrooms into a clubhouse. The styrofoam from inside, a mansion for their action figures, pet shop pets, etc.

I honestly do love it.

But, but, but...did you feel the but coming?!

Nice and neat

It is such a MESS! I love toys in their categorized bins. Labeled and tidily stacked on shelves. I enjoy clean floors and sorted toys and tidy rooms. It just doesn't happen very often without a lot of work on my part.

Can you see what's under the step stool? Take a closer look...

Apartment living at its finest, Wall E's come for tea...

I struggle for the balance between nagging them about picking up and sitting back to enjoy their creative process. They just ran past, I think this morning they are super heroes. Apparently my little guy can turn people into lemons...his sister can turn into a baby wolf or a grown-up wolf. They are currently howling at the moon.

Last night's adventure,
turning packing materials into a luxury condo...

The pet shop friends scored a corner penthouse suite...

Who needs a clean house when you can have fun like that!