Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Dog

I woke her up to take this picture.

Our Mollie, who is almost 11. She has become this nocturnal animal and so is happily sleeping now, having just driven me crazy all night.

She walks around all night, in our room, shakes herself off, gives herself a bath. I am a light sleeper, so these activities wake me up! Sigh.

She has to be in our room because she would cry all night in a crate and pees all over if left to roam the house. We've had her for almost 11 years and she is no more trained than she was when we brought her home.

Failure on our part, I would say. She's trained us just fine.

My Mollie. I do love her so. But she is really quite a pain!

Yawn. She is back to sleep now and will do so happily all day. It's like having a newborn whose got his days and nights confused.

I need a nap.