Sunday, June 12, 2016

Another page...

I beat the plane to the gate. It gives me peace to be EARLY when I fly.

And today's flight is so out of my comfort zone, the earlier the better...

I was 12 when the nurse had me wait awkwardly while everyone else got their scoliosis check and then lined up to go back to class. They were already heading down the hall when she was giving me a second look - put your fingers together in front of you and bend forward. My, I've done that pose many times since that day. Something was not right and I was off to the orthopedic doctor, referral and failed scoliosis screening in hand.

The story is quite long from there...I will tell it another day. At the ripe old age of 38, today I head off to a two-week boot camp, created especially for those of us with meandering spines. I'm spending my summer vacation in Green Bay, WI. I've rarely taken the straight path to anywhere I've gone, and this is no exception.

Leaving my kids and husband for 12 days is probably the scariest part, that and traveling alone. Being alone at all is rarely something that a wife-mom-teacher does...especially not in another state, doing something completely new.

It's an adventure and the only way I know to process it is to write it down and see it in words. Somehow reading it back makes it real.

Here I go - I'm going to sit here for the next 75 minutes and try to wrap my head around this.
Here I go.