Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Nature

The kids and I enjoyed a nature walk at a park outside of town earlier in the month. The weather has been so warm this fall and Buddy wanted to go rock hunting! We wandered the trails and did find some rocks [gravel]. They walked through the swim pond, all emptied out for winter.

I need to remember to take more opportunities like that. To take an hour and unplug. There is beauty to be found, year round. I don't have to wait for spring or summer. It's there waiting whenever we need a break...

Monday, November 5, 2012

That one time...when I almost didn't get to vote...

I thought I had registered to vote when I updated my driver's license. We've lived in Buffalo County for three years, why was my voter registration still in Douglas County?!

Confession: I procrastinated figuring this out.
Confession: I often procrastinate similar grown up type tasks.

I missed the voter registration deadline.

I was SO SAD that I had missed my chance to vote this year! It would be the first time since '96 that I had missed a vote. I was SO MAD at myself for letting that happen. Kicking myself. Pouting. Frustrated. Looking for the rewind button.

I threw up a hail mary this morning and emailed our election office. I got the answer I had expected, that I had missed the deadline and was out of luck.

Then, I got a second email from the same woman. PLEASE CALL ME! I really did call her (which is kind of a big deal because phone calls are another thing I tend to procrastinate). She checked out my record and I really had registered with the DMV, my registration just hadn't made it to the election office. I couldn't thank her enough for doing that, she made my day. It was so great that she did some checking, I didn't even know to ask her to do that!

So I get to go vote today. On a provisional ballot with some extra paperwork to prove I'm not trying to vote in two counties at once. Hooray!!

A Buffalo County election official saves the day!

And I can remember how important it is to vote, I realized that after I almost couldn't. I knew it was important, but I didn't KNOW. Until that point, I had taken it for granted.

Lesson learned.