Sunday, March 18, 2012

It is a wonderful feeling to stand on a bridge, watching the river flow beneath you.

We hosted some friends from Omaha this weekend and took them crane watching. Now, bird watching may sound like something that only nerds would do. But don't you know me at all? I'm a card-carrying nerd! Love nerds! Let's learn about science and nature everyone, come on!!

My heart really does belong to Nebraska. The prairie is beautiful to me and leaves me in awe of the beauty of this earth.

The kids went with us Friday night and yes, I spent a good chunk of my time shooshing my children, trying to keep them out of the mud and telling them the birdwatchers were going to CALL THE COPS IF WE DIDN'T PIPE DOWN! But it was a really great experience and they did enjoy the time we spent by the river.
The next morning, my friend and I went out at sunrise to watch them again and it was wonderful. The birds come in to the river at night to sleep and then head out to feed again when the sun comes up. Listening to the sound of them waking up and watching them take flight was beautiful.

It's only about 20 minutes from our house, but we had never taken the time to do this. I have a feeling that now I'll have to go every year, whether anyone joins me or not!



Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Favorite Color Lately...

Photo: Horses graze on the steppe of Mongolia
I've been craving GREEN.

Isn't it wonderful?!