Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 A month ago, we took a trip to Florida.
 We spent a week in this magical place where our kids were overstimulated, overfed, and in awe of everything they saw.
It was great.
Looking at these pictures, I find it hard to believe we were ever even there.
Did it really happen? Did we really go.

The Disney trip was exhausting, expensive, and sort of a huge blur.

And totally worth it. We had a blast.

I think now, a month later, I am finally recovered from that trip.

Which means now I can start asking myself - where are we going next?!!


Friday, April 13, 2012


My Buddy turned six. SIX. We are now the proud parents of two full-fledged school-agers.

There were cupcakes on Easter, a birthday cookie at his party on Tuesday, six candles in his birthday doughnut on Wednesday morning, and birthday singers with his ice cream sundae out to dinner Wednesday night. Celebrate, yes we celebrate, how could we not?! Life is grand.

On Thursday morning, he woke up to huge excitement. "MY TOOTH IS LOOSE!" Six for twenty-four hours and he's got his first loose tooth.

"It feels good to be six," said Buddy. I'll bet it does.


Monday, April 9, 2012


It should be fun, right?! An egg hunt in the yard? No cousins here this year, but I hid our decorated eggs and set them loose to find 20. But no, it has to be a race. A competition. There must be anger and tears.


I love my kids, but man. They can drive me nuts sometimes.


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