Monday, April 9, 2012


It should be fun, right?! An egg hunt in the yard? No cousins here this year, but I hid our decorated eggs and set them loose to find 20. But no, it has to be a race. A competition. There must be anger and tears.


I love my kids, but man. They can drive me nuts sometimes.


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Jen said...

Everything is always a competition, isn't it? Sigh. If course, when we had our adult egg hunt after the kids, I find myself eyeing my brother's maybe it is inevitable.

Jenifer said...

First off, Happy Easter and second I hardly recognized M!! He is so big. Finally, I am so glad it just isn't my girls who do this, turn everything into a competition.

Michelle said...

Love this picture ... because it very easily could be my own kids! Lucas is SO competitive. I imagined a meltdown just like this. We did an egg hunt in the house and I said they were working as a team and the eggs they found were all going to be combined so there would be no his or hers. Lucas still wanted to find the last egg. At one point I thought I should hide an even # of eggs in the 2 rooms we use and they each can only look in 1 specified room - then there would be nothing to compare! ha! Happy Easter :)

Nan | Wrath Of Mom said...

I love that photo. Save that one in the Use At Their Wedding Banquet file. It makes me think of a Peanuts comic come to life.