Sunday, March 2, 2008

In Like A Lion

It's March! Woo hoo!
I'm so happy to say goodbye to February.

So I've got spring cleaning on the brain.

Seriously? We actually took care of those dishes (honestly that was only after skipping one day!) yesterday. There are just so many areas in this house that need my attention.

But now I'm seeing all of those fingerprinted walls and dog nose-printed windows. The sunshine is pouring in and it's forcing me to look at what the winter has done to my house (the winter, not my two small children!).

I've also got a month of five Mondays to live through at school. That's lesson plans, field trips, a mock interview conference, two recreational field trips, and thousands of budding hormones. I've got to be on my toes!

I'm missing my friend, who was a friend to me in my daily life and in blogging. It's hard to keep doing this without her. This time last year was rough, teaching without her. I never could have guessed she would be gone a year later.

My nephew continues his fight. Leukemia. He will have his fifth and hopefully final round of chemo in April. We are expecting a full recovery, remission, cure. Right now, he is fighting off a nasty infection and is doing so with more courage and grace than I would expect anyone to be able to do.

I'm thinking ahead already to summer. To eight full weeks of being a stay-at-home mommy. It's twelve weeks away, but something fun to look forward to.

In April, there's sure to be an Easter post and also a letter to my boy, who will be turning two! I've also got a post roaming around between my ears about my baby boy and his first haircut (that he got this past week!) and how I can't seem to fathom a big boy bed and giving up his pacifier and potty training.

But for now...I think I should take a little break. Again.

I'll never forget when Mad was planning a break last summer and mentioned needing to remember a time when she experienced things without considering them blog fodder. I think I'm there.

So it's March. I'm taking a March blog hiatus. No reading (which I'm not sure I can do!), no writing. I'm taking my shortcuts off of my toolbar so they won't tease me daily. I'm not checking my reader. I'm not posting anything. For a month.

The thing about this plan that honestly freaks me out, is how freaked out I am to even think of a month off. No Beck? No Bub & Pie? No Alpha Dogma? No Swistle? Then there are my cousins that I keep up with via blogs.

What will I do?

But it's about balance for me. And I really need to find some in my home. With the computer off. As hard as it may be for me.

If there's something I should absolutely know, please email me. I don't want to fall off completely.

I'm just realizing that I do tend to "escape" when life gets stressful, when there are feelings I don't want to feel. When I was younger, it was movies or books. Now it's blogging. I need to handle what's going on here, so I don't miss one little thing.

I'll be back in April.
See you then.


nikkis30by30 said...

Breaks are always good. I think sometimes it makes you appreciate things more. I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately for some of the same reasons. I hope you have a good break and I will be keeping you posted via email, as always.

Big hugs!

Jenifer said...

Enjoy reconnecting with real life!

Bea said...

If you're going to take a break, this is the way to do it: with a clearly defined end point so we know you're coming back. :)

Amanda Wheeler said...

Spring cleaning is on my agenda too. I just need a free weekend!

Good for you for getting it done earlier.

Have a great week!

jen said...

breaks are good. i hope you come back rested.

kristi said...

I wish I could be off all summer......I DREAM about that..too bad it will never happen!

Aliki2006 said...

Oh, I'll miss you. But I understand. Enjoy your break!

Mimi said...

Have a good time ... even if it's going to be spent scrubbing walls (I don't have to do that! My house is getting demolished!)

See you in April ...

Michelle said...

You have more discipline than I do! I think I could manage taking a month off of no posting, but no reading bloglines? Not sure I could manage that LOL Enjoy your month away and I look forward to your return!

The twin said...

Almost there! I can't wait to hear what you've been up to during your hiatus! (Did I spell that right?)