Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sabbato Sancto

We've spent March thus far hopeful for spring and then freezing cold. A few nice days have teased us outside. We've got freezing rain forecasted for Easter Sunday.

We are in limbo today. Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Sad, but excited. A time of year that has been filled with emotion since I was a child. The first movie that made me cry was one that showed Jesus carrying his cross. I was nine.

Today we prepare a trip back to my parents'. We'll be able to spend the day tomorrow with family that I missed out seeing at Christmas when I was so sick. I'm excited to see everyone! The kids are so excited they can't stand it. We've got to wait until after B's swimming lessons and it just seems like it's taking so long to them.

We've spent March mainly inside. Had a spring clothing shopping spree. Dyed some Easter eggs and hid them in the back yard last weekend. B has started her very first year of swim lessons.

Our Little Man is suddenly speaking in sentences. Shouting out demands and finishing them with a loud "OKAY???" He'll be two in just a few weeks.

I've planned out our fourth and final quarter of school. Now I'm thinking of summer, with our first family trip to the beach planned. With many trips to the zoo to come. I feel the darkness of winter beginning to shed. With the exclamation tomorrow morning. It comes every year, such a celebration. Such a renewal. He Is Risen!

Happy Easter to All!


Jenifer said...

Happy Easter to your family as well!

Michelle said...

I'm happy for you that you'll be able to spend Easter w/the family you missed out on seeing at Christmas! Have a safe trip and Happy Easter!

jen said...

i've missed you. glad to see you are well and thriving. happy easter!

Mad said...

I love that picture of you all over on the sidebar. Nice addition.

nikkis30by30 said...

Isn't Easter a wonderful beginning to Spring? Renewal in every aspect. It's amazing. God has a plan. Always a plan.

Okay???? I love it. I can almost hear it.

And Miss B swimming. What a big girl she is. Breaks my heart, yet makes me smile.

Winter is shedding..... Spring is here..... let's go to the zoo!

Twinny said...

Glad you're back cuz! Two years old . . how did that happen so soon!

Mimi said...

It just sorta struck me: people actually do egg hunts outside? I've never never never thought that was true. I'm from so far up north, we always hunted for eggs in the living room, owing to there was several feet of embanked snow and seriously awful temperatures outside. Check out my post: Munchkin hunting eggs indoors.

Huh. You have opened my eyes ....

(oh, and your kids get cuter every day!)