Monday, December 29, 2008

Gearing Up

Do you know what sound I love? The coffee pot brewing, especially the very end when it really gurgles. It's doing that now, excuse me while I go get a cup...

Mmmmm. Okay.

The other sound that I love? Silence. It's quiet here now. Hubs took the kids off to daycare for the day at our church. There are two days this break when they are going, today and tomorrow, so that I can go into work and get ready for next semester. A little quality time off the clock.

Today there is much more on the to do list. Licensing the car. Lunch with a friend. Groceries to buy.

It's probably more than one day will allow to get done.

This morning my priority is our house, which is just a disaster area. Christmas, then a two-day trip out of town, then a lazy weekend and we've got ourselves a big mess. BIG. This morning it's digging out from that. The mail, laundry, gifts, trash, and on and on and on.

Here's hoping the coffee kicks in soon. I've got to get moving!


MidwestTwinGirl said...

Good Luck! Maybe you as the experienced mom can help me . . .how do you solve the issue of dozens of new toys/things and where to put them?

Anonymous said...

I'm getting all twitchy looking at the disaster that is my house! I need to restore order here -- so I think the tree is coming down tomorrow.

MTG: the answer to new toy storage is getting rid of the old ones. Either box 'em up for a few months or donate them.

Mimi said...

I'm waiting for Pynchon to take Munchkin out on an adventure so that I can cull some of the old toys--particularly the super annoying baby toys that make all kinds of racket. I mean, we've got a trumpet now, which is about all the racket this house can handle.

I love that coffee sound too ....

Aliki2006 said...

I have so much to do before the semester begins that I'm just paralyzed by it all and am doing nothing.


Be productive for me, okay? :)

jen said...

i hope you enjoyed the bit of solitude.

mum2brady said...

Hope you have a great time today :) I'm with you on cleaning out the mess - it's been crazy here too :)

Thanks for your comments on my grains post :) I'm grateful for you, and I know that your students and their parents are grateful that you continue in the career you feel called to do! There aren't nearly enough great special education teachers around :)

Hugs and wishes for a great day for you!

Anna said...

I hear you on the disaster area!! We're having a party for New Year's, so we have to clean.

Have a good day though, it seems like you deserve one! :)