Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The kids have had so many FIRSTS this year, it's so great how resilient they are. How willing to try new things. Our little Buddy had been at his same childcare center since he was four months old. It was also our church, so it was a second home to us all. When he started preschool last year, it wasn't a huge deal - just a move down the hall.

This year though, what a difference! A whole new experience in a whole new place. Buddy started preschool the Tuesday after Labor Day. We are so lucky that Jay's first cousin had invited us to enroll at the preschool at her church, where she's the teacher this year. It is working out so perfectly, I'm so pleased with what a smooth transition it's been! He's also quite pleased at the fact that he gets picked up "before lunch" and it's just three days a week. Something he likes to point out to his sister at every opportunity!

                                       Posing with big sister, so excited to go to school now too!

                                    I love this one, all sweet with each other and ready for school.

                                                          Ready to go in...what a big day!

Would I take so many changes in stride the way that they have? Not sure. They are my inspiration to not dwell on things and just live in the moment. It has worked out great for them!

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Aliki2006 said...

I love the photos--and B.'s hat! I'm glad the transition went to smoothly!

Jenifer said...

Glad he is enjoying his new school. B would get along famously with my big girls, we are all about the funky hats here too!

Mimi in the Midwest said...

Totally cool pictures! Your kids are awesome! I just love young children's zest for learning. I think I still have it......

Anonymous said...

What great photos!

Kids are surprisingly resilient.

Jen said...

Glad it worked out well! Love the hat!!