Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wanting a little winter

It had been so warm, all through December and January. We loved being able to be outside all the time, but it didn't feel like winter...

We felt very lucky when we got snowed in a few weeks ago. It gave the kids huge piles of snow to play on and the grown ups an excuse to stay in their jammies for two days straight. Or maybe that was just ME.

Now if the warm weather would like to return, that would be just fine by us. We just needed a little winter.


Jen said...

Snow = PJs for me too!

Nan | Wrath Of Mom said...

Now these are February photos to which I can relate!

Jenifer said...

We have been able to play in the snow once so far this winter. Right now it is a vast brown landscape. Glad you got some fun in the snow!

As for warm weather I am ready to go right to shorts! The in-between (while I love spring) drives me crazy....cold mornings and hot afternoons makes for too many clothing items for my liking.