Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend's End

It's day three of a three-day weekend. It's 6:00 p.m.

Really, I only have four more days of work. Then a nice, eight week break. Whew.

The weekend was thrilling, what with the marathon of laundry and mopping of tile floors.

We did suffer the loss of our PC. The one we bought when we got married. Our first big purchase together. As it approached its seventh birthday, it decided to crap out. With no warning.

Today we shopped around, comparing prices and GB and RAM. We ended up with a low end from WoolMort, a step up from the dinosaur we had been using. It has a shiny new wide screen monitor, which is quite lovely.

We were also able to take the hard drive from the dinosaur and put it in a case that turns it into an external hard drive, thanks to a geek squad member at Bast Buuy. It worked, thus salvaging '08 pictures that had yet to be backed up.

My home is filled with tiny bottles of personal hygiene supplies, in preparation for our trip to the beach. We leave Saturday. A trip like that should be nothing but exciting. I'm a much more anxious traveler with kids, especially since we'll also be with my parents/siblings/etc. It's rough to be the baby in the family, they are all seasoned parents/travelers/etc. I am a novice, a position I am not comfortable in. I'm fussing over packing, flight itineraries, airport security, etc.

Other than that, all is peachy. The hot dogs are grilling, the beans are baking, I'm sipping a Red Stripe. Life is grand.

I can't help but feel that summer is here. It's Memorial Day. Folks back home went to the family plots today and placed flowers, praying for those gone before us. Something I miss now that I've transplanted to the city. One thing I will say ~ I'm the granddaughter of two WWII vets. The daughter of two baby boomers. Of that I am proud. I am proud to be a citizen of this nation. Of this state.

Four more days of school and then we are leaving on a jet plane.
We'll be back again.

Summer is just around the next turn.
I am so pleased.



Anonymous said...

We still have a whole month of school left. HA! See? Another reason to be a proud American!

jen said...

i love leaving on a jet plane.

Jenifer said...

I will be in Myrtle Beach for July 4th and I can't wait. Enjoy your trip!

nikkis30by30 said...

Don't forget us loners here at home while you are away.

We too had a good weekend. Will post after the rugrats are in bed.... providing I am not asleep on the couch by then!! :D

Much love, cuz. Have a safe and FUN trip!!

Twinny said...

Enjoy! Can't wait to see the pics!

Aliki2006 said...

You DO sound happy! Yay! L. finishes school this week as well--summer is here!