Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kill Joy

"I remember being this busy last year. I remember being stressed. I'm not sure why I don't remember feeling so very tired," said Melanie to a co-worker this morning. Then, "I laid right on the carpet, face down, last night while I waited for the computer to turn on."

It's that time of year again.
The only thing I can think to write about is to whine about my job.

My great job.
My job that fulfills my need to extend my hand to folks with disabilities. My need to do paperwork (why do I love paperwork so? I just don't know). My need to handle office supplies. I really love sticky notes. I have an unhealthy affection for Sharpies. Also ink pens. Paper clips. My love of an office. Any office.

I have this fantastic career that pays well, in my opinion. Many people disagree. I don't. I work 194 days a year. I make a decent "hourly" wage. I make more than a big percentage of the population.

It provides what we need. Coupled with the Hubs' salary.
We could be richer. We could be poorer.

Then, why oh why, do I feel the need to whine about how tired, stressed, over-extended, burnt out, used and abused I am.

Oh poor, poor middle class teacher lady.

It will pass. The whining. It really will.

Lovely summer posts coming soon.

Four more weeks!
Summer lovin', comin' to a blog near you!

Also - the recent spring weather (that came just two days ago) has my heart filled with joy. I smell spring in the air. Finally. I smile when I leave the school building. I feel the sunshine and it brightens my being. Yet, I can only think of the whining.
It will pass.


jen said...

it's hard as the weather gets warm being stuck inside, isn't it?

Mama said...

OM, I, too, have been feeling like I want school to stop- right now! I am frightened by that feeling. So I analyze. I felt this way last year (a little) because I wanted to help G'ma. But this year I've decided 1) the economy is so sad it makes me sad 2) the war is wearing on my soul 3)people I love need help due to illness and I want to help them 4)I want to be with my children and not have to do school work 5) Easter was so early it makes the time to the end of school seem like a l-o-n-g time. That's what I've decided plus I started the year a little weary from having to move Mom. It took a lot of months to heal from complete strangers telling me "I guess your mom doesn't have any family." and "Your mother is really a thief." and my personal fave "Can she pay just a little?". Oh well, life will go on and like you I am thankful for all of the above in my life (minus 1&2). I love my job, family, Easter, and my country. So I throw myself and occasional "pity party" and regroup to enjoy this gift- MY LIFE!

Anonymous said...

When does the school year end for you? We have until the end of June. Oh Pooh. 8 more weeks til my boy is ALL MINE! Squeeeeeeeee!

Complaining is a coping mechanism. Go ahead. Complain. Revel in it. Beats a trip to the funny farm.

Omaha Mama said...

A trip to the funny farm. Ha! I mentioned that just today. Only I called the hospital by name.

We are out May 30. We start back (teachers anyway) August 7. A short summer break! But so wonderful!

nikkis30by30 said...

I think we are all anxiously awaiting summer break!!! It's ok to whine. You aren't alone. I too love my job, however, am ready for a little break. We're only human. Sometimes change is just what the doctor ordered!!!

Jenifer said...

I'm curious when the kids start back then? That gives you 8 weeks right? All of June and July and back to school beginning of August.

Most of Canada, but not all go to the end of June, my girls last day is June 26 this year and they start back right after Labour Day.

Our schedule is so entrenched it would be strange to go to school in August for us!

Omaha Mama said...

The students' first day is Aug.
13th, it makes for a fast summer!

Mimi said...

Being aware the life is, on the whole, pretty good? That never stopped me from complaining, nor anyone else, either. I think we all count the days until the end of school.

Sometimes lying down on the carpet is a very reasonable reaction to life, I think :-)

mum2brady said...

LOL - I'm not even a teacher and I'm countin' the days til my kids are out of school :) We get out the same time as you, although Brady will be done the week prior with his private preschool :) I can hardly wait - yayyyyy!!!

I think it's pretty common to be burned out about this time of year, and I hear that special education teachers get it worse than reg. ed :) But, I want you to know how much I admire your occupation and dedication to your students. Sorry about the paperwork, IEP meetings, more paperwork :) But know, it means so much to us, as parents of special kids, to have a teacher that loves our kids, works hard for our kids and supports both our kids and us as parents!!! Thanks for all you do!

p.s. want to move my way??? Somehow I think the pay isn't quite as good - but we could sure use some awesome sped teachers in our district :)

Beck said...

August 13th!
This made me laugh so hard: Oh poor, poor middle class teacher lady. I often feel the same way, like waaaah! I have enough money and a nice house and a kind husband and friends and cute healthy kids and I'm MISERABLE! But it passes.