Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer Reflections

It's cliche, I realize. Still, I must say it. It's bittersweet. The end of summer.

End of summer?! I know some of you are thinking it's just gotten into full swing, but not here. Fall comes early 'round here. My kids start back to daycare on Monday. I'm in a few meetings this next week and spending time at school unpacking boxes. The following Tuesday, teachers are back full time. School starts in our district on August 13th.

The to do lists are spinning feverishly in my poor, out-of-shape brain.

On one hand, I'm excited. I really like the work that I do and enjoy the routine of it all. I like my office, with my Post-Its and lesson plans and memos. The students are great. I teach students with special needs in an alternate curriculum. I teach SIX different subjects. So I plan for reading, math, science, social studies, job skills, and English. It's crazy, but flexible. Busy, but fun. There are calendars and field trips and bus orders and schedules and grades and so much more I can't say much except that it makes me want to hide a little bit and apparently causes me to write really long sentences with no punctuation.

On the other hand, the party's sort of over, isn't it? And I haven't done half of the things that I thought I'd do. I have spent almost zero time doing preschool activities with Brenna like I had planned (aside from the usual day-to-day reading, arts & crafts, conversational type stuff). I never did get after that diet/exercise business. Or get my house in shape. Or keep on a budget. Or keep a daily routine.


What did I do?

Worked 30 + hours of summer contract time for the school district I work for.
Went to the zoo.
Played at the park.
Visited the Children's Museum.
Read books in the back yard while the kids played around me.
Filled, emptied, washed out, refilled a big blue kiddie pool a few times.
Turned the sprinkler on even more.
Babysat my nephews.
Played dollhouse.
Stacked blocks.
Changed I don't know how many diapers.
Changed I don't know how many Dora the Explorer DVDs (along with the other random movies we've watched)
Memorized the theme song and ending dance to Mickey Mouse's clubhouse.
Went on two road trips.
Attended two weddings.
Celebrated a fourth birthday.
Went to a 4th of July party.
Told some neighbors who moved away see ya soon.
Said good-bye forever to a really good friend.
Read the entire Harry Potter Series for the first time (almost done).
Read a bunch of other random fiction books.

Okay, so maybe I did accomplish something this summer.

I'm smiling. Right now.


Beck said...

Because it's still not fall, I would suggest still enjoying summer as much as you can even though you're not on holidays anymore. But I've been feeling a sad, autumnal tug too, so I do know what you're talking about.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

It's been a summer of accomplishments. Way to make your own path, do things for yourself, your relationship with J, and being a wonderful mom to B & M. I think you are fabulous!

Michelle said...

great recap of things you've done! I think school starts here around the 14th, so yea the end of summer is coming quickly!

nikkis30by30 said...

It's funny, I haven't done half the things I thought I would do this summer either. And top it all off with the fact that it's being cut short by about a week and a half. They decided to start school "early" this year so that the kids are out by Memorial Weekend. Bittersweet.... VERY bittersweet.