Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

Seems like there have been a lot of bummers this week. Lots to pray for. Lots of worries.

Still, I know there are things to be grateful for. For example:

  • Took my kids for their 15 month and 4 year well-child exams at the pediatrician on Monday and they both received clean bills of health. I'm so thankful that both kids have stayed so healthy this summer (knock on wood) and that their overall health is so strong.
  • For a partner in this crazy world. My hubs may drive me crazy ten times a day (twenty?) and I him, but we are certainly in it together. I just received a very upsetting note from an old friend who has filed for divorce this summer. I did not see it coming and am so sad for her and her family. So sad. I'm grateful for my hubs and our decision to stick this marriage out together. For better or for worse and all that jazz.
  • For a cool off in the weather. I sat outside a bit ago while Mason played and the breeze almost felt cool. Granted, it's 82 degrees outside, but it feels great compared to 99!

I'll end it there. It's a great thing to do, making a gratitude list. For even when I'm feeling blue, there are blessings to be counted.

Have a great week.

Don't let someone else splash mud on your windshield. Just remember turn on your wipers if they try.


Michelle said...

Yes 82 does sound nice, especially when you're in the desert and it's in the 90s :)

I also found out from a friend that they will probably be separating, not sure if heading for a divorce quite yet, but it's still sad. Actually in the group we sometimes hang out with her on base (this couple being one of them) another couple is on the way to divorce as well. Makes me hug Joe just a little tighter.

nikkis30by30 said...

There are days when I think how "easy" it would be to just walk away. However, I have decided on those days that I will tell myself that this is all so that the kids are as lucky as I am when they are my age to say their parents are still married. It's rare that people can say that these days. Not to mention.... he's kind of a keeper most days!! ;)

Black Sheeped said...

Unfortunately, we haven't been flying across Nebraska. We've driven allllll the way across it on I-80 around eight times since the end of June (not to mention all the times we've made the trek in the last few years during holidays, etc), and it's killing my soul. I swear it is. I'm so happy we only have to do it one more time. I'm sure Omaha is a perfectly lovely place to live, it seems quite nice, but my only impressions of Nebraska have formed from: a) stopping at truck stops and questionable gas stations along I-80 b)sighing at maps and wondering why the state is so LONG and c) getting stuck in unexplainable "road work" traps--miles of cone mazes that appear to serve no function other than slowing down angry truckers and RV drivers.

Not that I resent I-80 or anything. :) Not that I bitterly hate it! Nope!

mum2brady said...

I'm so sorry you've been feeling blue :( Praying that things turn around for you and that your days will be warm and yellow and sunshiney again!

Thanks for joining in with Grains this week, even through rough times! Sounds like your kiddos are doing GREAT, and that you're enjoying cooler weather :)