Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I can't seem to title my posts anymore. My title bar is there, but I cannot click in it. Huh.

I cannot type wonderful correctly the first time (though I just did). I always leave out the r. Just wondeful.

I always have to double check my spelling on recommendation, accommodation, occasion, and several other words with double consonants that I cannot think of right now.

Your and you're used incorrectly is a pet peeve of mine. As are there, their, and they're.
Also to and too. Sometimes I will type them incorrectly when I'm going too fast, but usually catch it in the proofread.

I often misspell words in comments on other blogs and catch it only after I've published. I'm so picky about this that I will copy my comment, delete it, then paste a new comment just to correct the spelling errors.

Typos bug me.

Apparently random posts about pretty much nothing do not.


bubandpie said...

I didn't have any trouble spelling those double-consonant words - until I read this post. Now I'm squinting at them suspiciously. They all look kind of funny to me, even though they're spelled correctly, as if maybe I've been spelling them wrong all along.

I do misspell they're/their when I'm typing quickly, even though I know the difference. And I don't ALWAYS catch the errors when I proofread.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

YES! I read transcripts every day and you wouldn't believe the typos that I see. I HATE the to vs. too mistake, but the best ones are the interpretation problems. Once a lady typed that the applicant admired "Muhat Magandi". Seriously, who hasn't hear of Mahatma Gandhi?

Midwest Beach Girl said...

I meant "heard". Probably should have checked over the rant about spelling, eh?

Jacqniel said...

Our and are also bother me. Must be the teacher in me.

Jenifer said...

Oh they all bug me, not that I don't commit many an offense myself.

Last night Hubby did not believe me when I told him Buffalo had two "f's", we have been to Buffalo more times than I could recall and they are a team in the NFL, yet still he questioned me. Silly man.

nikkis30by30 said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!! You think maybe it's a Libra thing?? I have to tell you that when I go back and read my postings only to find that they have numerous misspellings (is that right? ugh!!), I don't even bother to correct them. I just chalk it up to my being an a$$.

California mom said...

Ah yes, to and too...really bug me. I try really hard to be perfect, but haven't gotten there yet. But when I am reading something I admit it is super distracting if there is a spelling error or some kind of grammatical error. The worst I've ever encountered is reading a professional author and finding spelling errors in the published book. Aren't editors supposed to catch those things????
I love mindless rambling blogs...they seem to be what I'm best at writing.

Michelle said...

I always have to check on "occasion" too!

And I'm right there with you on the pet peeves!

My best friend and I are the same way; even reading somone's letter we would catch typos as we were reading it. Terrible I know.