Friday, July 13, 2007

A Shout Out

Over on the right, scroll down a little. I've got Blog Posts On Parade. These are posts at other blogs that I've enjoyed - updated at least weekly, if not more. If you don't have Google Reader yet, I highly recommend. It's good stuff, and they don't even pay me to say that.

I don't keep a list of blogs I read on the side, just because I'm not sure that anyone ever reads those and I really don't keep it updated well. Not to mention, I'd hate to leave anyone feeling left out. I'm always wandering Bloggerland, so there are many, many blogs I read. And who really cares what I read anyway? Anyways...

Here are the blogs I read now - whether you care or not - she says defiantly! The ones that I am constantly waiting for a new post on. The ones that I miss when they are on vacation. Who make me panic when they threaten to hang up their bloggy hats.

In no particular order - a list of blogs I visit regularly:
  1. Big Blueberry Eyes - Mommy blogging at its best. Kayla is just 6 days older than my Brenna and I know they would be friends if only they lived here. Michelle just found out she's pregnant - yay! After trying for quite a while...and her recent posts about that have been so, so good.

  2. Swistle - 5 kids. FIVE! I'm hooked based on that fact alone, not to mention her 6 week old - whose gestation, birth, and postpartum life has fascinated me daily. That and the almost daily pictures of that little cutie (and the other FOUR [!] kids as well).

  3. Bub & Pie - Her son's language development has fascinated me. Her grammar lessons for us have made me smarter. The book reviews are great. Her like/don't like posts keep me coming back for more. She is an awesome writer!

  4. Jacque - A dear friend. Her daily posts have kept myself and others up on how she's doing as she gets used to retirement and goes through cancer treatment.

  5. Nikki at Random Things - Family keeping in touch. Enough said.

  6. Midwest Beach Girl - More family. Who has the guts to leave Nebraska. How dare you! Prayers for her safe journey tomorrow as it is literally moving day!

  7. Alpha Dogma - Her guest bloggers make me laugh. But she is even funnier! Love her magazine reviews, stories of raising boys, gardening, living way friggin' North, and random thoughts.

  8. Rosebud & Papoosiegirl - Another mom. Raising girls. Thinking of a 3rd??? Her Monday Musings are great. A fellow list lover, I think we have a lot in common.

  9. Beck at Frog and Toad are Still Friends - A newer addition to my list. Awesome mom. Chef. Crafty. Makes me feel inferior when I read of her daily goings on, but isn't all braggy about it. She's quite awesome actually.

  10. Julie at Busy Kids. A friend on the West Coast. I recently convinced her to blog because the daily activities of a Californian are much more exciting than a Nebraskan. And she's got family all over who I know will love to check in.

  11. Oh the Joys - I just recently became acquainted. Funny. Quick. Rocks on the Photo Shop. Her post today was actually quite romantic. A bit of a change from the typical bow chicka wow wow goin' on over there.

  12. Mimi on the Breach - Another smarty pants professor blogger. Great balance of mommy blogging and thinky posts. Love it all!

  13. Under the Mad Hat - Quite literary at times. Librarian. Threatened to quit, but we just wouldn't let her! Another whiz with Photo Shop. Also great at spinning a tale. Smart about kids' lit and poetry. Another genius writer.

  14. Catherine Newman - I check in when she updates her blog. She writes a weekly article at Wondertime that is always good. A blog called Dalai Mama. She's the first blog I ever read. And the writer who inadvertently introduced me to Blogger.

Then there are those blogs on the outskirts of my blogtown. That I visit fairly frequently. Who I have to check in on now and then. It's not that I don't like their blogs or that I am not addicted - it's more about my vow to keep my list of reading close to 10...or 12...or now more like 15. These would be Lawyer Mama, Poppy Fields, Her Bad Mother, among others. And then there are those I click to because they've left a funny comment on a blog I'm reading and I'm curious about their writing. This reading occurs when my Google Reader has stayed empty of new posts for too long and I need something to read. About twice a week or so.

I know some of the reading and the posting will slow down once the school year starts back up. I'm back for good by about August 6th (!) and the students start the year on August 13. Which means not much summer left!

I just had to give a pat on the back to the writers who have kept me entertained this summer. Whose posts have made me laugh, cry, and even sometimes think. I'm smarter because of the thinky posts and I'm a better mother, wife, and housekeeper because of the helpful posts. I find this much more entertaining than daytime television and realized the other day I've barely watched a minute of TV all summer (aside from Playhouse Disney, PBS Kids, and Care Bear DVDs).

Thank you Blogosphere for giving me a fun new hobby. And thank you bloggers for being the stupendous authors that you are!!!!


Sara said...

I just clicked over from Swistle's...I like this list.

It's also amazing to me that school starts so early where you are. The kiddos here in NY start the day after Labor Day.

Jenifer said...

Thank you kindly! I now have some new places to visit when things are dry. I just popped over to Swistle and got tired reading just two posts, I mean 5 kids. Yikes.

Thanks again, I'm glad you like visiting.

Beck said...

Oh, thanks!
I'm not actually all that crafty, unless you count stuff that I do with construction paper.
I'm enjoying your blog, too. Thanks for the mention!

nikkis30by30 said...

I LOVE to read Alpha Dogma when I have the chance. I wish I could write like she does. And she is SO FUNNY!!! Also very insightful. Will have to check out the others as time permits. Other than my already faves Jacque and Midwest Beach Girl (sniff sniff).

Her Bad Mother said...

That's a wonderful list that you've got there ;)

bubandpie said...

I'll have to do a little clicking - I see some new faces on that list (along with some old ones - you're right, Beck IS great!).

Thanks for your comments today at my place - it is comforting to feel that someone understands.

California mom said...

thanks for the mention...not sure how much more interesting CA is than NE...but thanks!!!
I love reading your blog too...I'll have to check out the other blogs you mentioned.

Michelle said...

You are just so sweet! Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you somehow found my blog so I could get to "know" you! and I agree that Kayla and Brenna would no doubt be fast friends!

Mad Hatter said...

Sorry to be so late in thanking you for this little shout out. My sis was in town for a week which meant no blogging for this bozo. Thanks so much. I too am happy to have found you.