Thursday, July 12, 2007

A.M. Madness

Brenna prefers her oatmeal "smooth" and likes to eat it on a TV tray while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's only on once a day and it's her FAVORITE!

Given the chance, Mason will make a mess. Will get into trouble. Will spill, rip, chew on, crush, any material in his path.

Conversations where Mason and I go back and forth between 'more' and 'done' have made meal times ever so interesting. Luckily he now shakes his head and says no when I've got it wrong. He says 'mo' and 'duh' and does a half-sign for each, but isn't always sure if that's what he means. The head shaking has helped a bit.

Brenna likes some 1:1 attention each morning, but doesn't need it before watching Playhouse Disney for a couple of hours. At some point she will turn off the TV and come asking me to play with her.

I love mornings!


nikkis30by30 said...

Sounds like mornings here. Veg out and watch just a bit of tv before getting up and going. It's nice when there isn't any school and we can enjoy this time of day to it's fullest without the rush of getting out the door!

Beck said...

My kids are WILD! WILD! about Mickey Mouse Playhouse - the only show that all three of them like. It's kind of cute.
And my kids like molasses on their oatmeal. What sort of children am I raising?

Alpha DogMa said...

My kids have taken to getting up and immediately getting themselves dressed before breakfast. While this makes for some odd fashion statements it does free up some time for me, who stays pajamaed until 11-ish. I'm slothful.

Beck, it is just so Irish to slather food (any food) with molasses.

Michelle said...

I remember when Kayla was learning to sign and we would ask her, "are you done?" signing done...she would sign done. "do you want more?" signing more...then she would sign more...we never knew which it was either!

Jenifer said...

Sigh. I love oatmeal and eat it often, sadly my kids do not like it.