Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coffee Making Part Deux

So today I left the pot of water on the burner while I got the rest ready. And then flipped the switch on. Mr. Coffee does not like that sequence one bit. So I had to pour the water into a hot water reservoir, which sputtered and spit at me as it it were swearing (I swore right back).

Then something unfortunate happened and the water all backed up and coffee grounds were everywhere, including in my coffee. I drank it anyway.

I suppose this is why they make a timer on Mr. Coffee.

My successes making coffee the past two days are the reason why I think I'll start using said timer from now on. I'm getting it all ready tonight when I am not in dire need of coffee to make my brain function properly.

All pieces of coffee pot (except for the part you plug in, duh) are in the dishwasher. I've got an "I'll do better next time" attitude. Cross your fingers.


Michelle said...

oh my! These past 2 mornings have not been good to you at all! That's why I don't drink coffee LOL
Crossing my fingers that tomorrow is better!

nikkis30by30 said...

Oh how this saga has made me giggle!!

Poppy Fields said...

Hi omaha mom,
I am an ex omaha gal, i found you over at frog and toad are friends.
Use the timer :)