Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beck wrote today about being off-routine and feeling uninspired. I am so with ya. I'm watching my two nephews this week and having four kids in the house is hard! Especially considering they are ages 3, 3, 21 mo, and 15 mo. It really makes me wish I had two sets of twins! And also realize that I'm sort of grumpy and screechy. "NO, Mason! Get out of the dog food!!!" [that's in real time] I ought to go feed the kid some breakfast, ya think?!

But I could use some help. Really.

We're having my B's b-day party on Saturday. It's a family BBQ. I'll have a few kids over (family) and want to do a craft and a game. I've got some ideas but am thinking that maybe someone else has the perfect idea. I'd like to give out the cheap plastic crap I've bought as prizes, but need something to do for it.

Ideas please!


Jacqniel said...

There are always the old relays from my childhood - rolling a peanut or ball with your nose, carrying a cotton ball on a spoon, passing an orange under the chin, passing lifesavers with straws(not very sanitary). And of course - the ever popular pin something on something (I always used tape instead of pins). Be sure to take pictures! I love checking your sight for new ones!

Mimi said...

Ha! At Munchkin's birthday party we had a couple of six year olds. We made them weed for their loot bags. And they loved it. Since my yard (sigh) is mostly weeds, they were pretty much able just to grab anything taller than the average blade of grass and just yank. Dirt and Destruction = happy kids.

I imagine your yard as much more well-kept than mine. I have nothing but comic relief to offer you, sadly ;-)

Jenifer said...

How about a treasure hunt? Beck organized a cool one, I think it was a fairy theme. A simple treasure hunt might be fun. A friend of ours had the kids trace themselves on big paper then decorate themselves. Another friend had the kids paint terra cotta pots and then sent the kids home with seeds for them.

Games I am not too good with, but my kids love any kind of music or freeze dancing.

Try going to the Family Fun website they have tons of stuff.

Let us know how it goes.

Michelle said...

Yikes! I can't imagine having 4 kids all aged 3 and under in the house all week long :) Good luck with that!

I agree about the family fun website, they usually have great ideas.

For that age group you could do the old standby like musical chairs, or pin something on something. Since it's outside maybe a water balloon toss. Can't wait to hear all about her party!

Beck said...

How old is B? If he's under four, I would keep the games and crafts PRETTY simple - colouring sheets from shows that he likes with a big bin of crayons, pin the tail on the donkey (or pin the headlight on Thomas or whatever), things like that.
www.familyfun.go.com has TONS of party plans - you just click on parties, and I believe there's a search engine that lets you punch in your child's age.
A good place to go for printable things - banners, pin-the-tail games and so on - is http://www.dltk-kids.com/crafts/birthday/index.html
Good luck!

nikkis30by30 said...

My kids always like the treasure hunt thing. Kinda like we did as kids at Shafer Easters where everyone has a bag with their name on it and it's hidden and everyone goes to find their bag. If you do this, however, the hubs gets one too and it MUST be put in a really hard place so that all the kids find theirs and then jeer him on when he can't find his!! And make sure he has to climb something to get it!! As always, take LOTS of pics of him trying to find it!

kcfmom said...

I'm sad that your health blog is gone...your goals, as well as your rises and falls are so similar to mine. It was nice to feel I wasn't alone.