Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nearing the end of year four

His drawings change frequently now. Someone else may not notice. But his mama does. There are bodies now, not just legs sprouting from heads. There is movement, color, expression.

He grows and grows. He likes to tell people that Pluto is a dwarf planet and that they can send a robot to Mars. He pretends his legos are penguins and shoes and spaceships.

Soon he'll be four. And I'll still be his mama. Even if being his mama looks nothing like it did three short years ago.

Slow down, Buddy. Mama can't keep up.

He saw his picture online just now and was pleased when I told him I wrote a story about the pictures he draws. So he drew a picture of the planets and asked me to add it here. Big smiles when I told him Grandma Marilyn reads my stories. He's drawn two more as I type, I could just keep posting and posting.

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kristi said...

Wow, when I first started reading your blog, he was merely a toddler.

Aliki2006 said...

I remember really noticing when T.'s drawings began to change! It was amazing...she has always drawn people, and my L. never did, so it was amazing to watch her "people" grow more complicated as she grew older!

Mimi in the Midwest said...

Thanks for sharing the "drarwings". They are so awesome. As a teacher in a field where many child struggle to learn I am amazed more each day as I realize the miracle of learning- HOW do those brain cells know what to do?

MidwestTwinGirl said...

How wonderful! I can't believe he's going to be four! Now it's time to have another one! Just kidding!

Jenifer said...

Time does fly, my he looks so big! It is nice to get this down in words and photos, lovely memories for you and him.

Kim said...

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Beck said...

The change from three to four is such a big one - and four is such a fun, fun age.