Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Little Lighter

My little joke today was that the checklist was like a scavenger hunt. Only really I was just turning in all of my teacher stuff. Faculty handbook, emergency procedures guide, etc. The bottom of the page was only for those teachers who have retired or resigned.

I guess I I had to do that stuff too. Laptop. ID badge. Parking tag. Keys.

All handed in.

Now what?

It is strange. I have no idea at this point what is next. I only know we'll move to our new town once our house here sells and that I'm going to be on hand to be the best wife and mom that I've ever been.

The thought of that is so exciting and surprisingly scary and pretty much exactly what I had been hoping for this winter when Hubs started talking about a new job.

Hey - no use asking why when your prayers get answered, right?!

So I guess now it's time to put myself in action.

Mom. Wife. And still a teacher. Just not quite the same as before.


I like it.



Jenifer said...

I hope you "take" your blog with you...I think you, Hubs and the kids are going to have a wonderful time in this new chapter. I mean being a mother is the ultimate teacher!

MidwestTwinGirl said...

Maybe you could turn into that "uber" crafty mom. Knitting, sewing, and stenciling across every inch of your house and making all the other mom's pea green with envy when your child has treats for every holiday and your house is decorated to the hilt on the first day of every season.

I know that I would hate to live next to you then :)

Anonymous said...

Virtue dwells not in the tongue but in the heart. ............................................................

Aliki2006 said...

I imagine it must be a liberating, dizzying, somewhat scary feeling--but a good one, too!

Sarah said...

It is crazy when you actually GET what you want! Hope it is even better than you imagined.

Mimi in the Midwest said...

OM, Be sure you start with being the best OM you can be. I spent most of my life being the best wife and mom and now I'm a bit of a "Picasso". I forgot to be me, I was a human doing instead of a human being- not a good thing! Don't try to be anything but the loving person you are right now. You'll just have more time to be what you are now..... inhale... now exhale.... good start. From, an old lady

Mimi in the Midwest said...

P.S. I really felt strange in the fall after I'd "retired". I kept making lists of things I needed to do that involved starting a school year. It was the first time since I was five that I didn't start school. At least you'll have a couple people in your home you have to get ready to start the school year. It's great to be at home- not perfect- but really great!

怡茂恒臻 said...
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