Thursday, November 4, 2010


 I don't have much at my house to decorate for Thanksgiving. I insist on waiting for Christmas decorations until the weekend after Thanksgiving, which means sometimes our house is a little unadorned in November. I was lucky to be gifted a few things from my mom when we moved. She was cleaning out her holiday stuff and I told her I was in need of some pilgrims. So now at least I have a couple of pilgrims, a turkey, and two Native American children. A good start.

 I was so happy to come across a post as I was wandering around on the internet the other day. It tells how to make a Thanksgiving Garland Project. I found myself completely inspired to do some decorating with gratitude in mind. Something I've been trying to focus on for months.

I feel like only good things can come when you bring an attitude of thankfulness into your home. For we are so grateful for everything that we have and for each other.

My end product is much simpler than the inspiration photo, but I like it and it fits perfectly in our home. The kids helped with the words we put on the leaves and were excited to see them tied on with ribbon. I even tried my hand at a few of the fabric rosettes, they turned out okay and add a little color. It is a great addition to get us through to December when we'll get out the Christmas decorations.

I ended up making this wordle too and picked up a candlestick 1/2 price at our hobby store.
The Thanksgiving decor is coming along!
My whole point was to recognize gratitude in our house and I feel grateful to Tatertots and Jello for the starting point!



Mimi in the Midwest said...

You inspire me. After I exorcise my house I must replace the empty spaces with thankfulness.

Jenifer said...

I love that garland, it is pretty and hopefully easy to make. Thanksgiving is over for us, but I would love to try it next year.

I like the idea of gratitude fueling the garland, it makes it a relevant and beautiful addition.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen said...

Both projects turned out great - I'm impressed!

Aliki2006 said...

Thanks for posting this! I always feel like Thanksgiving gets so lost in all the commercial commotion of Halloween and Christmas. I'm going to work on that garland project with T.--it seems the perfect activity for us!

WrathOfMom said...

Ooh. That's such a clever idea. Just like Jen, I'm going to steal it for our early-October Canadian Thanksgiving.

WrathOfMom said...

Psst...OM -- can you send me an email at [[wrathofmom (at) gmail (dot) com]] about the email and photos you sent me about our flat friend who stayed with you.

Okay, this might me the lamest attempt at a sending a coded message EVER.