Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Baking pies is my Thanksgiving tradition, which is a comforting task before the holiday.

I just put my little crock of leftover pumpkin pie batter in the oven just now, a trick I learned from my friend, Jacque. One of many. I think she called it pumpkin pudding. And oh my goodness, yum. To think, I'd just dumped that leftover goodness down the drain before she showed me the light.

She passed away on Thanksgiving and I guess there's no way to forget that, ever. But I'll be a little sad tonight and then just thankful tomorrow.

I miss my friend, but I have such faith that she is in the best place. And that when I get there, she'll have more to teach me. Maybe even mentor me there.

If I get to pick, it will be so.



Jenifer said...

Not to be flip, but the wine is a nice touch! No doubt Jacque is teaching you still.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nan | WrathOfMom said...

HA! I just spotted the glass of wine, too! Good eyes, Jenifer.

I remember when your friend passed away (have we really known each other for THREE years?!) and think it's lovely that you are keeping her memory alive.

Enjoy your turkey day! And happy shopping.

Aliki2006 said...

I make those leftover pie filling puddings every year--so yummy!

Aliki2006 said...

I'm sorry about your friend, too--I know this is a hard time of the year because of this, but what a sweet way to remember her each year, and weave the memories of her into your own new traditions.

Di said...

Was catching up on your life Mel and read your post about our dear Jacque. What a hole she has left for us to fill. Guess we need to keep busy filling it the way she would want. I think you have a very good start this year just loving your family. I can see her smile down now. hugs, di