Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Days

Sometimes I wear sensible shoes.

There are no sparkles. No bows. No wow.

My feet feel happy all day long, regardless of their calm and quiet exterior.

I get home and my feet do not hurt. There are no cramps in my arches. My legs do not ache.

Sensible shoes are the way to go.

Even if they do not always get noticed. They are happy and feel good.


I like sensible shoes.
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Jen said...

I'm a fan of the sensible shoe!

Jenifer said...

I was waiting for the "but" here are my 4 inch stilettos I wear too and they are sooo comfortable! Thank goodness this post had a happy ending.

perrie said...

My shoes are almost always sensible--I can't help it, I'm just happier that way!