Sunday, November 13, 2011


Last year I was inspired to make a gratitude garland.

I carefully stored it and was excited to bring it out again after Halloween. I was not disappointed when I got it out on November 1st, it is one of my favorite decorations.

I added to it this year, with a few berries and some extra rosettes.

I made four new leaves and we all wrote something we are thankful for:
Bee - Blessings
Buddy - Thanksgiving Party
Hubs - a job that I love

I also wrote the year on the back of the leaves, hopeful that we can use this for a few more years.

For my leaf, I went a different route this year and added a Bible verse that has touched my heart this fall. "The only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love" Galatians 5:6. Now close your eyes and picture a world where people live those words. I guess I'm grateful that I get the chance to try. Through God's grace, I'm forgiven over and over and keep on trying.

I'm so thankful for so much. I love to spend time in November reflecting on that and giving credit where credit is due.



Jen said...

What a beautiful this!

perrie said...

We both broke out our gratitude decorations on the same day! How funny that I just wrote about ours...

Aliki2006 said...

That was me, Aliki

Nan | Wrath Of Mom said...

That's a lovely garland -- and a great verse.

Mimi in the Midwest said...

Love this garland!!!