Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More food talk, stomach flu fears, snow (?) day

My emotions have been on a roller coaster this evening.

First of all, Hubs stomach hurt when he got home from work. I got all panicky. Seriously.
The stomach flu has been making these horrid rounds and we've been managing to duck and dodge it so far. I feared the worst and considered calling us all in sick. I didn't, but I thought about it. I started to get so nervous. Which I don't usually do about being sick. Getting so ill around Christmas woke me up to how horrible it really is.

Then, I made some really good broccoli soup. Can't say as I've ever made broccoli soup, but tonight I did. It's called Sneak It To 'Em Broccoli Soup. From a daycare cookbook. The funny part about the whole recipe is that unless your children are colorblind, you can't really sneak in pureed broccoli into a cream based soup. It turns the soup GREEN. Green soup? Goes right along with green eggs and ham. My kids will not, will not in a box, they will not, will not with a fox. B tried it, but didn't love it. My boy wouldn't even touch it. I loved it! I'm having it for lunch tomorrow! I was so excited about some silly green soup!

Then...the news. I rarely watch any, but tonight found myself watching the news. I had fallen asleep in my chair (when did I become my mom?) and woke up to it. So watched the weather. Wind Chill Advisory. -28 wind chills expected. I was fearful of taking my poor wee ones out in such weather. Then they announce that schools are closing. WHAT?!?!? That woke me up. Suddenly I'm throwing my arms in the air, hooting and hollering. Snow day!!! With no snow! Rock on.

So that's my night in a nutshell.
Scared. Nauseous. Soup-slap-happy. Tired. Drowsy. More fear. Happy. Hyper. So content.


Mama said...

Don't teachers get excitedest about school closings. Enjoy!

Midwest Beach Girl said...

Hope that you stay well and enjoy your snow day!

Beck said...

Whoo! That was an emotional day!

Omaha Mama said...

The dinner - BBQ Meatballs and Potato Casserole, was the best supper we've had in weeks! So delicious and my kids ate it up.

Teachers DO get the excitedest for school closings! So excited!

Twinny said...

Green soup huh? I'm interested to hear what other recipes were in that book!

nikkis30by30 said...

In the last 24 hours, I have had two daycare kids go home puking. It's going around, and bad. I am hoping that the yuckies we had last week and the week before are the same strand so I don't have to deal with it all again.

We didn't get a snow day and I can honestly say it makes me MAD. It isn't fit for man nor beast out there today. I kept Zack home from preschool because taking all these kids out several times to take and pick him up just didn't seem fair nor fun. I took the older ones in but it was awful. Silly thing is to look out the windows it looks beautiful out there..... then you open the door and the air hits you like a ton of bricks and you realize it's February in Nebraska. Ick.

Mimi said...

What a roller coaster!

Anonymous said...

-28! It's +2 here. In Celsius! It's crazy that you're south of us, but colder than us.

Be happy you don't teach in western Canada. There are no snow days here. If a school closes it loses funding (i.e. if school is open for 200 days, they'll lose 1/200th of their funding). Schools will cancel buses at -22, and let parents decide if and how the students should go to school.

Sounds like you've found the perfect St. Patrick's Day meal!

Anonymous said...

Okay - I'm not sure if I made any sense in that last post. A school would lose 1/200th of their government funding for every day of school they closed their doors.

Hope that makes more sense. I've got to stop posting while watching Entertainment Tonight. I get all distracted.

Anonymous said...

Christmas Day, Struck down with an abominable case of stomach flue or food poisoning. Felt like nothing would stay down. Later, felt pressure in and around the heart, loose stools for two days and many hours in bed.
Sipped chicken soup with some success on day two.
Went to work on the second day, went home after 4hrs, no strength.
Day three, two days after Christmas, foggy and rainy. Lots of snow on the ground, melting slowly. Gaining strength on day three. Family starting to feel symptomatic,,,more 7 up and soda crackers in order...Happy New Year