Saturday, July 3, 2010

About Face - Forward March!

On June 28th I had grand plans to do all sorts of fun things with what we've got left of summer!

What has happened since then is that we have agreed to rent the home that we will buy when our home here sells and are looking at a move date of AUGUST FIRST! Wow.

So now it's a total change in thinking. What we can do for free (because hey, moving costs a LOT, did you know that?!) and how much can I get packed? So July is looking much different and we're going to have to do the fun day trips on our visits back because there's no way that it's going to happen this month.

The good? We are so excited about our new home. It has a ton of great features that will be perfect for our family. We love our new soon-to-be-hometown and are happy to think about all of the great things that come with this move.

The not-so-good? Still waiting for our home here to sell. Still hoping it will sell before school starts. Waiting and hoping, hoping and waiting.

More soon...I will not have internet in August for a while, so I've got to enjoy it while it lasts!



Jenifer said...

Wow that is exciting! The thought of moving kind of gives me hives, but at the same time I would love more space. Do keep us posted when you all sounds like quite a month you are going to have!

Jen said...

August 1st - wow is right! Well, all I can say is hang in there. Moving is not a lot of fun...but it will feel great when you are finally settled in. Once that happens, be sure to post some photos and tell us all about it.

We are approaching the one year mark (well, in October) and I STILL have a garage full of boxes. UGH.

佳宣佳宣 said...
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Michelle said...

yep, completely understand about all the moving 'fun'! Praying your home sells fast for you and that everything goes smoothly with the move! What an exciting venture to be on ... and once we're both all settled we'll have to exchange mailing addresses again, I'd really like the girls to be pen pals and I think now that Kayla is writing a lot of letters it'll be fun for her.

Mimi in the Midwest said...

Don't summers always slip away?! How does that happen?