Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Fun Little Game

I realize that not everyone has this fun box of cubes, but you could use just about anything. Legos come to mind immediately.

First, Buddy would roll the dice. I had him tell me which two numbers came up, then he would count out that many cubes. Once he had the cubes, he found the corresponding card to put into the number sentence.

Then he would count up the total cubes and put the answer into the equation. At that point, he would read me the sentence. Six plus four equals ten. He touched it, he counted it, he saw it, he heard it.

His attention span was good for about five turns. We didn't play this game a lot over the summer, but I thought it was a fun idea!

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Di said...

Always a teacher!! Love this idea.

Nan | WrathOfMom said...

That's so cool.

perrie said...

I love that game! I've been trying to turn to manipulatives more with T., who is very much all about "feeling" what she is learning. I'll have to try this out!