Monday, October 24, 2011


We spent yesterday at a huge pumpkin patch outside of Omaha and what a perfect day!

I had to work really hard not to let the fact that I had left my camera at my sister-in-law's ruin the perfect day. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm. The kids were happy and so excited. Hubs gave us a whole day, when he could have filled it with work to do's.

I wanted to take pictures of all of the beauty, but only had the Hubs phone. So we have a photo of the day, to remember the fun and excitement and warm fall weather.

Because really, the memories of that day are more important than the photos. We can make do with the phone pictures because we will hold that memory in our hearts - of how great a day spent together as a family can be!

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Jenifer said...

That is a great shot regardless! You are right of course about the memories always being there. Isn't it great to just take a day and forget everything else?! I love those days.

My friend just returned from Disney and their camera died the first day and they didn't replace it! They were with another family, but still I would have been running to the 24 hr store and getting something - anything to capture those memories.

Mimi in the Midwest said...

I have been trying to figure out why pumpkin patches have become so special. Is it advertising? keeping up with the Jones? monkey see monkey do? I've experienced the joy with preschoolers, they smile and smile and the pumpkin is a treasure to them. I'm still wondering?????