Tuesday, August 5, 2014


August isn't my favorite month, but it is near the top!

Today feels like my last day of summer, even though that is technically still six weeks away! Today is the last day I babysit the kids who stay with us three days a week during the summer. Today is the last day I am on "summer time". Today is the last day I wear my full-time-mom hat.

Tomorrow I put on my teacher hat. I will plan and organize and clean (at school instead of home).

Each role means a lot to me and they blend together so much that they often feel like one thing. I like that I get to do something different each day, week, month...I like the cyclical nature of being a teacher.

Today is all about gratitude. I'm so thankful for so much. Each time I see a joke on facebook about dreading the start of school, I hide it. I'm excited and happy, not sad and filled with angst. At our house, August feels like the new year, more so than January. I love it!


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