Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack! Barack! Barack!

I wept through his infomercial tonight. Based on what it was called (infomercial?) I was fully expecting to call in to order a handheld sewing machine or a meat roaster or something.

We are so close.

And this charismatic man could be our president, in just a few days?

This beautiful family could live in our White House. This gorgeous dream. They could make it happen.

When I think of the magnitude. Of the historical significance.

The hair on my arms stands on end.

I'm teaching government this year for the first time (our social studies units run in four-year rotations and the government units always fall on election years, it is so fun!). My students now know the issues, the party platforms, and which candidate stands for what. They can name the democratic and republican party candidates and they can state which candidate falls in line with their beliefs.

I'm not allowed to share my personal opinion. With them.

I will tell you.
I am SO excited. So excited. That Barack Obama, he makes me happy. Tomorrow his ballot will go in the mail, I'm voting for BARACK!

In closing - an anecdote.

Our five-year old, B, to her father this evening. "I voted for Barack Obama to run around for our president. We did it at school and you can talk about it with your family but you can't talk about it at school because who you voted for is a secret and we'll find out who won at our school but I voted for that Barack to run around as president because we watched that on the tv so I hope he wins Evan talked about it and you're not supposed to so he got in trouble but I would tell him I voted for that Barack Obama because he should really run around for our president."

Amen, sister.


Subspace Beacon said...

B. is such a cutie.

If I could vote -- and I REALLY wish I could -- it would be for Barack. Yes, he and I are so tight we go by first names only. He calls me Subs.

Alas, I'm filled with DREAD that McCain will win because so many Democratic-type people with think it's a done deal and not turn out on November 4. Even thinking about this makes my stomach ache.

Omaha Mama said...

Can I call you Subs?

Me too! About the fear that McCain will win. The FEAR. But a goal of mine is to not let fear rule my life any more, so I'm going with all out optimism!!!

Omaha Mama said...

And the fact that the few (very few) electoral votes from NE will undoubtedly go for McCain, so my vote doesn't actually "matter". But I'm still voting, dammit. So be it.

jen said...

let's kick fear's ass. fear is not going to win.

6 days and counting.

MidwestTwinGirl said...

Oh OM, I'm with you. I wanted to cry last night watching CNN and seeing that big bright red NE indicating that we are not even considered to end up voting for Barack. And I'm with Subspace, I get a little ill thinking about what it would be like if McCain won. I would go into mourning. I'm seriously thinking about dying my hair black for Wed if Obama would lose. He is the big hope for our nation. Go Obama!

kristi said...

LOL, I hope he gets to "run around as President too!"

Mimi said...

Yeesh, I'm Canadian and Pynchon and I watched the infomercial last night and we both cried. I asked him if there were time for us to become citizens and vote before Tuesday and he said probably not so instead I'm just vibrating with hope and fear, hope and fear. Actually, those were pretty much the campaign keywords, huh?

Mama said...

Well, no matter what happens you can be proud of your vote. I get to say, with pride, I did NOT vote for George W Bush. I am going to vote on election day. It's just my tradition. Hey, I heard the democrats registration out number the republicans 3 to 1. Wouldn't that be cool if we helped vote Obama in, so he could run around as prez? Now I've given myself goose bumps. GO-O-O-O OBAMA

LoriAnn said...

I got to vote early yesterday since I will be out of town for work all next week and it was with a great sense of pride that I checked that box for OBAMA. I wanted to call everyone I knew and shout, "I voted for Obama!" Georgia is just like Nebraska in that it's a red state, but I'm doing my part to turn it BLUE. It's time for a change!

Subspace Beacon said...

Yes, please do call me Subs.

My husband's been referring to you as Omaha Obama for WEEKS. Did I mention he reads ALL the blogs? Well, he does.