Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Too Much

Not much gets me down.

I don't watch a lot of news because it makes me cry. I've stopped watching most violent media because it's scary for me.

I try to be a positive person in both my career and my home life.

We live in an area that's pretty protected from the poor economy and from a lot of the negative issues highlighted in the media. Things affecting the coasts don't hit Nebraska for a few years.

But it's all getting to be a bit much. There's all of the economic stuff. Political debating about how to handle it all. Issues of rights for different groups of people. Education and how to handle that.

What tipped the scales for me, I think, is this friggin' flu.

Suddenly I'm checking online to see how many states it's hit. Where it is. What's going on.

I'm googling checklists for what to put in an emergency kit in our home.

I have the sudden urge to move to the country and grow my own food. Tomorrow.

That's just not me.

This mama needs to take a break from the news, I think.

I'm not a worrier and suddenly I am.

Could you tell me a joke or something? Lighten the mood?


Anonymous said...

I agree!

What's more annoying: the flu virus OR the way the flu-news has gone viral?

Do you watch the Daily Show? I find the way John Stewart mocks the hysteria of the news coverage to be very comforting. He really is good at putting the hype into perspective.

There's a flu bug going around our town -- and I've got it today. Of course it's not THE flu, and no one seems panicky, but that doesn't stop my husband from making pig squealing noises at me as I lie on the sofa being pathetic.

Omaha Mama said...

I heart Jon Stewart! I'll have to watch tonight, that's a great idea. :0)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Just back away from the news... REally. I have gotten into the habit of changing the channel and clicking away from news regarding the economy. The flu epidemic makes me look for a moment to see if it's close to us, but THAT'S IT. Click somewhere else!

Mimi said...

We get Dancing with the Stars on a Buffalo station and it seems like EVERY NIGHT there's something terrible happening to a kid, someone shoots someone else downtown, and a car parts factory closes. It is so dismal, it's almost farcical.

Funny? Ummm, Munchkin's new favorite thing to do is weeding! Somehow, because I wouldn't let her do it, now she has to use the weird little tool to pull dandelions. Picture it. Friggin' adorable.

Also, you'll either get the flu or you won't, but the best thing to do is wash your hands a lot. That's it. No masks, no gloves, no alcohol doorknob wipes. All the best research says wash your hands. And that's easy enough, right?

Midwest Beach Girl said...

Why can't pilgrims keep their pants up?

Because they wear their buckles on their shoes.

A three legged dog sashays into a bar, sits down and says to the bartender, "I'm looking for the guy that shot my pa"

Get it? paw/pa? Doesn't really work in type...

Aliki2006 said...

Oh, honey--no jokes to tell you, but I know what you mean. I get so bogged down by scary media stories, and I worry, worry, worry...

Kim said...

I am a worrier by nature, so just let me do it for you.

I have it covered!