Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little of Both

I may need to order this tshirt.

I find the cycle of my efficiency frustrating. Last Monday, I was so on top of things. Staying busy, getting the house in order, keeping the kids engaged and happy. This week, meh.

Doesn't help that I seem to have ended up with what one may call a summer cold. Sniffles, energy zapped, head stuffed. Not feeling terribly horrible, but feeling like I need naps. Note the intentional plural form.

I wish I could wiggle my nose and the piles would right themselves. Mail would be filed. Dishes would be done. Laundry ditto. Doesn't help that my washing machine is currently stalled and I have a four-hour window (FOUR!) today to wait on the repairman.

The weather is very springy, which is great except for the times we want summer!

I have two evening meeting commitments this week, which feels very unsummery.

Oh, I can't even handle how pitiful this is sounding.

Let's start over.

I had a terrific weekend! The kids and I are enjoying our extra time together this summer and I can't wait for the upcoming family vacation to the Black Hills! Vacation Bible School is next week and it's going to be so much fun! We have so many things to be excited and grateful for, I just can't get a grip on all of the fantasticness!!! I want to go running down the street screaming with excitement about how awesome summer is and how much fun we are having!!!!!!!! (All mostly true, in sharp contrast to my crap-tastic mood. Fake it till you make it, I say.)




Anna09 said...

It's allergy season- You are definitely not the only one suffering!

Jen said...

If it helps, I am having a similar week...I think the weather is definitely contributing. I keep counting on a decent day to get the kids OUT - to play baseball, go to the pool or whatever - and instead we find ourselves trapped inside (by rain...) for waaaayyy too long. Hang in there!!

The Black Hills sounds fun - we went there a few years ago and had a blast!

jen said...

i'd suggest hitting the harder stuff but then the VBS folks might not quite approve...(kidding! I'm just hot!)

Aliki2006 said...

I love how you pick yourself up-I know what you mean: I was in a funk part of last week, then pulled myself right out of it. It's hard sometimes, and sometimes the transition from work and teaching to full-time parenting can be tough.

Mama said...

They say "Act as if". It does help to take on an attitude. You're just fine. A "pity party" is allowed. I was always told to put a time limit on your pity party and then move on. I think I once heard "HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE". BUT it's okay to have a nap(s) and a pity party, in that choice.

Kim said...

Love the "fake it till you make it".... I might start that now.

Beck said...

I'm a big fan of faking that things are okay. So often it IS just a matter of getting my mood where it needs to be. ANd when it's not, you just need to live through it, right?