Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Not-So-Little People

In an effort to clear some space in this house, I took four of our Little People sets to our daycare (which is also where we go to church) this morning. Good-bye to the house, castle, airport, and horse barn.

I loved all of those little princesses, the dragon, and the horsedrawn carriage that went with the castle.
My B bought the Little People dollhouse at ToysRUs with her two binkies. She handed them to the cashier to pay for it (as I snuck him my debit card). I will always remember that's how she gave up her binkies.

It was hard for me to give these things away. Harder for me than my kids, I think. They thought it was a great idea to give them to their daycare. B even mentioned how much more they would be played with.

I think the emotional attachment is more with their little toddlerhoods, which have faded. My little M will start preschool in August. My B will be in first grade.

I did keep the airplane, school bus, and Noah's Ark. We will also always have the manger scene to get out a Christmas. Hey, a mama has to do this in baby steps!

When I left church this morning, my M and his little friends were playing with the toys in a whole new way. Having so much fun, using their imaginations and playing together (as much as two and three year olds play together!). He was so proud to say that the toys were some he shared from home.

I know the toys will get played with and loved ten times over. So much more than sitting in the cupboard in my house. Still, it's just another chapter we are passing through, watching these children grow so fast!

How fun it is, to play in a Little People town!


MidwestTwinGirl said...

I'm excited to see Alaina hand down her toys to her little sister. We've talked about sharing her toys, so hopefully this transitions as smooth as possible.

I suppose because I know I will get them out again, I don't lament the packing away of toys yet.

But I know it's coming and I'm sure I remember this post and cry.

loper86 said...

More room in the TV room cupboards? Is that what you were doing last night?

loper86 said...

I hope you will check out my blog at It is my attempt at not bringing so much work home with me at night even though that is the primary place where I will be posting.

Mama said...

I still have my kids toys, now my grandkids' toys. They will be dust when they leave my home. I suppose that's why I still treat my children like toddlers- I can't let go of their stuff or my feelings from the toddler days. I'm hopeless.

Jen said...

I couldn't do it. I put all the beloved Little People into a big box in storage, determined to save them for grandkids some day. (It might happen! My kids play with some of my old sets when they visit my parents...)

I do miss the toddler days!

Omaha Mama said...

That's the plan for the bus, plane, and Noah's Ark. Hopefully my grandkids will enjoy those some day. I just had to keep one Eddie, one Sonja Lee, one Michael. I just couldn't part with them all!

Bea said...

I'm so glad you kept some. My mom gave ALL our stuff away, and now she's had to comb garage sales just to come up with a few toys for my kids to play with when we visit. My MIL, though, she still has ALL the good stuff from when hubby was small.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* My kids are older than yours and I still haven't given up the Little People. I think I need an intervention.

Jenifer said...

We love Little People in our house too! Do you know my 8 & 5 year still play with them if I put them out. Because we have limited space we bring toys up from the basement to play and often they choose the LP. We have so many too and I have not been able to part with any yet. Since baby came along I am so glad they will be hanging around a bit longer.

Just catching up...I know I say that a lot but it is true!

Aliki2006 said...

Sweet post! I can't part with out Little People toys. L. loved the Little People when he was small and he "bought" the zoo train with his plastic baby bottle, and never looked back.

In fact, at the request of T. I brought up some old Little People toys the other day and they are sitting in our living room. Perhaps they will still be there when the kids go off to college!

Michelle said...

We still have little people all over the house - Lucas plays with them now :) Sweet post!

Mimi said...

Awwww. You know, I got all misty-eyed buying *new* toys for Munchkin's birthday, for much the same reason. Getting bigger, older, different. Too fast!