Monday, June 29, 2009


Could tomorrow really be the last day of June?!

For us, it marks a half-way point of sorts. The kids head back to daycare and I back to work at the beginning of August. One month of summer down, one to go.

June went so fast!
  • The Hubs and I celebrated eight great years of marriage.
  • Our B spent mornings for three weeks in a summer Spanish class held at an elementary school in our district.
  • We spent last week going to Bible School each night.
  • We made it downtown to the Omaha Children's Museum.
  • We also made three Monday morning trips to her own school's open library. (We've been on a non-fiction kick this summer, reading up on South Dakota, reptiles, amphibians, knights, rockets, and anything with wheels.)
  • We've logged many hours on various local playgrounds.
  • We have enjoyed summer services at our church on Sunday mornings.
  • We've been happy to watch B play baseball this summer for the first time, spending two hours a week going to one practice and one game each.
  • We also had fun going to swim lessons at the Y each Sunday afternoon.
  • We celebrated the parents-in-law' 40th wedding anniversary with the Hubs' family.

It's been a whirring, blurry ride. I can't wait for July!

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Mama said...

Your June was a full month. Didn't you have to go to work some of those days, too? You've impressed me. I am still on- get the laundry done.