Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Heart Brownies

I have mentioned before my affection for brownies.

Aliki tempted me this morning with a post about chocolate. And this recipe.

I love that it allowed me to use up the rest of our hot cocoa mix left over from winter. I'm planning to put them in snack baggies for our upcoming road trip. Yummmmm.

Never mind that I didn't have any chocolate chips. I put in a little extra cocoa to make up for it. Never mind that the cocoa mix had mini marshmallows. I'm sure they'll melt in and sweeten them up even more. I added in some flax seed, to add a little crunch in the absence of any nuts or chips.

They are almost done and smell divine. I may have to taste test them, just to be sure they are good enough to pack up for the trip.

I may not have the opportunity for a morning coffee klatsch with friends, but isn't it fun that we can still share recipes and stories over our morning cup just the same. From thousands of miles away.

Thanks for the recipe, Aliki. I needed some chocolate today too.

Update: I just sampled the brownies. Oh my heavens they are gooooood. The cocoa gives them a different flavor that I enjoy. I can even taste a hint of those fake marshmallows. This recipe is a keeper!


Midwest Beach Girl said...

You are such a wonderful mother. All of the greatest moms check the tastiness of road trip snacks before relying on them to fill hungry bellies!!

Aliki2006 said...

Isn't it good?! I'm so glad you tried it. I don't know about yours, but the hot chocolate mix gave my brownies a bit of a crunchiness at the top--really good combined with the chewy insides.

Mama said...

Brownie Story- I bought a box of brownies at Sam's Club (so it was 4 packages). I made a single package and found out they had HUGE chocolate chips in them. M_m-m-m what a nice mistake.

Beck said...

I am out of butter AND eggs AND chocolate. And you guys have to go and talk about brownies. Pfft.

Mimi said...

Oh,well, now I want to eat brownies, too. Thanks a lot ;-)

LoriAnn said...

Mmmm...crispy top and chewy insides! Man I love brownies! I bought one of those weird looking "edge" brownie pans and I adore it!