Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Five for Now

She's suddenly so tall, My B.

A first grader now, she's taking a summer class to learn Spanish. Yesterday I dropped her off and she was so brave. I was worried, since it's a different school than her neighborhood school. Would she be upset? Would she cry when I left? Nope.

When I picked her up, she told me about the day and what she'd learned and then said she'd felt a little nervous when I dropped her off. You wouldn't have known it, she was so cool.

Today when I picked her up, we played on the playground for a bit. I was amazed, watching her long legs run around, doing things that school-agers do. Look mom, look how high I can climb. Look mom, I can reach this bar if I jump.


Suddenly my baby girl is this lanky, smart girl. Someone I can picture taking trips with. Someone that I plan to drag to musical theatre. Someone who has taken my heart and wrapped it right around her own.

My B.
I can't believe it's you.


Aliki2006 said...

Oh, I so know what you mean! Sometimes you just catch your kids looking big--so big, and you feel proud but also a little sad.

Jenifer said...

I so know what you mean and I am not sure if it is a daughter thing, but I am frequently startled when I realize these big girls are my daughters. And I am having conversations with them and having fun with them. Sigh. It is one of those bittersweet parts of parenting, wanting so much for you kids then a bit sad when it starts happening.

Mimi said...

Oh yeah, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about, though at least Munchkin still looks very much like a toddler, albeit a humongous toddler, still all soft and round.

Beck said...

It's funny, isn't it? They seem like babies for EVER and then all at once they become kids and then it's just this slippery skid to them being teenagers.

thirtysomething said...

oh, i know what you mean. sigh. my little girl, also just finishing Kindergarten all of a sudden seems so grown. i caught glimpse of her the other day, you know the kind of glimpse that catches you off guard, takes your breath for a moment. she was sitting reading a chapter book, her fave thing these days, and for some reason, i saw her in such a different light....then her little sister came ripping around the corner and the screaming and chasing began.
thank goodness. still my little girl, in some ways anyway.

Jen said...

Aw, that was such a sweet post. I completely know what you mean. My kids still have their little kid moments, but I'm loving the little glimpses that I get into their older selves. I am so excited to see who they will become! (When I'm not busy getting sentimental about them not being toddlers anymore!)

Kim said...

Oh, this makes me tear up.

We celebrated #6 in April and my son will celebrate #4 this weekend.

My babies, where have they gone....but oh, how I love love love the people they are growing to be.