Thursday, December 10, 2009


He has said "Peace out suckers!" at least a thousand times. Only you don't say the /r/ sound and you must hold up two fingers. It is funny every time. And highly inappropriate.

Then he says, "Is 'what the heck' a bad word?". I say yes, because I guess it mostly is. And he says, "Eli said 'what the heck' a hundred times at school". Which is also funny, especially since we haven't been to school since Monday. What made him think of such a random thing now?

He wants to HOLD the gum. Being in charge of the gum makes him very, very happy. I find myself giving into him at least once an hour because I don't like doing things that make him sad. He is my baby after all, and won't be this little for much longer. I'm sure to have a very entitled-minded little man on my hands if I don't get that under control! But he's my BABY!

She does the best walk like an egyptian dance, only she doesn't know that's what she's doing. She's currently singing Frosty the Underwear. And he's laughing so hard he's falling over.

So I'm just amused.
I cannot imagine my life or this house or anything else without them.

Now they need some help with their snow pants. So I'm off.


MidwestTwinGirl said...

Hee hee.

I can just see the inappropriate hand gesture/ phrase combo.

Alaina turned to me the other day and said. "We don't eat poop Mommy." I tried very hard not to laugh because I didn't want her to repeat the phrase everyday for the next year to see who laughs.

Mama said...

Funny stories!!!!!

Mimi said...

Nice little word pictures of the kids!

Um, my fourteen-year-old nephew is on a 'that's what she said' kick, and can you guess what my three year old is saying all the time, sometimes very aptly but nevertheless very inappropriately?

Anonymous said...


Kim said...

Your home, and your stories, are similiar to my home and my stories.....

We are SO blessed!