Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Else Do You Do With a Snow Day?

First of all, you don't get dressed on snow days. Jammies only at our house!

We finally got out some window paints that B got for her birthday in July! Thanks Aunt Jami.

I painted the circles while the kids had a rest in the afternoon. I had them come down when the paints were dry and decorate them.

Later the kids got to go outside for about 10 minutes and were excited to stand behind their snowmen.
It was a fun little project for our third day spent snowed in!

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Aliki2006 said...

I love those window paints--what a great idea! Do they wash off easily?

I am hoping, hoping, hoping for a decent snow day this year for us!

Michelle said...

Well that's a fun idea! especially on a snowy day! I saw these in Staples the other day and almost bought them. I know my kids would love doing that, but then I think they would think they could write on the windows with ANY markers/paints and not get that these were 'special' markers to do that with.