Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye '09

Looking back at a decade, it's been quite a ride.

I remember distinctly the night before this decade began.

I was 22 years old. Thin. Single. And out to party. PARTY! I also had a horrible cold and didn't consider how my tylenol cold tablet would mesh with champagne. I should have. It was a fun night overall, but let's just say I'm glad someone else drove us home.

Then that February, I met J. Graduated in May. Married J the next June. Of 2001.
2002 - Settled into and fixed up our first house. Got a dog.
2003 - Had a baby. Named her B.
2004 - Started grad school. Decided to become a teacher.
2005 - Got a job in Omaha on a provisional teaching certificate. Moved to O-Town. Found out I was   pregnant with #2, not planned but totally wonderful news.
2006 - Had the little man in April. Started my second teaching job at a different school. Graduated with my Masters in Special Education.
2007 - A horrible, horrible year that I may never speak of again.
2008 - My B started kindergarten! We all had a much better year.
2009 - Finally feel like a grown up. Or more like a grown up.

Still haven't figured out how to lose these last 25 lbs.
Still haven't figured out how to be everything to everyone.
Despite my best efforts.

What I have learned?
*How to pray.
*How to love.
*How to breathe, really breathe.
*How to stay calm, even when I don't feel calm.

Two thousand ten holds much promise, of that I am sure.

Happy New Year!

*This is my favorite time of year to read blogs. Can't wait to read everyone's reflections and resolutions. I may post mine tomorrow.*



Jen said...

I think I need you to teach me "how to stay calm, even when I don't feel calm." That would be my biggest accomplishment of 2010 if I could manage that!

I get way too emotional about things!

Happy new year!

Michelle said...

sure has been quite a decade! Happy new year to you!

Sarah said...

What a fun idea to recap the decade instead of just the year....Now I wish I could go back!

Hi! I am Sarah, an Omaha Momma as well. New to the city and looking to follow Omaha Mom bloggers -- :)

Aliki2006 said...

What a recap! Happy new decade to you!

Jenifer said...

Breathing and calm...I need that! I just whipped through the last few posts...that was a lot of snow! Best wishes for 2010.