Friday, December 17, 2010


Click on the collage if you want to see the tiny squares...

Each ornament on our tree holds some sort of memory, a story. We will not make any magazine lay outs. We will not win any prizes for the perfection that is our tree. But each year we enjoy getting out each one. Remembering the who, the when, the where. I have the ornament from my first Christmas. The ones I received from grandparents. Ones that I made. I also have some that hung on my grandparents' tree and a few from my parents'.

Both kids have an ornament box with their name on it. They love getting out their small collection of ornaments, remembering each one. Deocrating the tree is like a trip down memory lane.

The photos from the collage are from several different years. I can't help myself, each year I take the pictures knowing that there are plenty already! There is something about the beauty of that tree with the lights and all of those funky oraments. I just sit at night at look at it.

It's just one more thing that makes this season a highlight of our year!

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Jenifer said...

I totally agree...we have so many ornaments and each captures a moment in time for us. The girls have their first Christmas ornaments, their Hallmark first five years sets, trips, about twenty Pittsburgh Steelers ornaments for Dad, my coffee cup collection, homemade you name it!

It is such a trip down memory land each year and I love knowing I am making my girls their collections to one day take with them

You and I think alike. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Aliki2006 said...

I love the memories attached to ornaments! I'm planning a post for Wednesday on the special ornaments on our tree--I like to slow down and remember how much some of them mean to us. Thanks for the reminder.