Monday, December 6, 2010


After posting the pics from 2006, it felt right to move on. A tour of Christmases, I guess.

There were too many, I just couldn't pick! When in doubt, I make a collage. (If you click on it, you can see it extra large.)

What strikes me is the difference that one year could make. The year before my little guy was a chubby-cheeked, 7-month old. Then he's a toddler, running around the house like he owns the place.

And my girl, there she is suddenly a long-haired preschooler.

That year, 2007, that was a ROUGH year. When I look at these pictures, I remember none of that. I'm so happy that you cannot see it on the faces of my kids. They are happy, healthy and full of spirit.

If the camera had turned on me, you would have seen an grief-stricken mom with bronchitis and pneumonia.

But it doesn't matter anymore, which has me smiling this morning. We made it!!

It feels good to me to look back. I'm so grateful for where that past has gotten us, today being so good as it is. And yes, it makes me a little weepy too.

As it should.

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Jenifer said...

I can't get over how much B is like you! You can really see it in these shots. Looking back always makes me weepy and you are right I think it kind is how it should be.