Saturday, February 3, 2007


I think that I sometimes forget that I am supposed to be an adult...a real grown-up. I've got two real kids, a real husband, I've been a home owner for four years, but I forget that this is really real. I'm in charge of all of this (with a little help from the hubby). I'd much rather do things like play Barbies with Brenna, thumb through a magazine, watch some television, or create another page in my kids' scrapbook than do things like washing floors, vacuuming, dusting, or any other household chore. But there's no other way (aside from waiting until Jay goes on a cleaning rampage, which I sometimes do). So today - I sucked it up and cleaned out that fridge. It had really been neglected. Sure, I wipe the shelves now and then. Or I'll clean out all the leftovers and throw them out now and then. But to take out all the shelves, wipe it all down, and then pull it out and clean behind it? Well...confession time...we have lived here for about 17 months, and today was the first time I had done all of that so thoroughly.

Now this may seem very boring and mundane to most neat and tidy people. But to me? It was a very momentous occasion - worth a pat on the back. I took my adult ADD, put it on a shelf, rolled up my sleeves, and did a real grown-up task. What's next? The caulk around my bathtub? The baseboards around the entire house? The dust filled registers? They'd all better beware - I'm on a roll! Hey - maybe I'll start being a grown-up all the time. Or not.

Let's not get carried away.


Jacqniel said...

Way to go! Cleaning the frige is always low on my list, too.
For the record - you are the most 'grown up' 29 year old I know. :-)

Jenifer G. said...

The fridge...yeah that is on my list. The one I constantly add things to but, rarely cross off these days.

OK. I am closing in on 36 next week and I cannot believe I am old enough to be married let alone have kids!

Big pats for the fridge.